ZOmbie apocalypse


Grandad took the bikers from the box set, added the expansion pack and then spent a few hours sorting out figure bits.  I managed to make a complete gang with riders that could dismount.  The Gang Boss had to be cut off his bike and new handlebars fitted.  So far we only have a dismounted companion but we are waiting for a figure to come back into stock so we can have a proxy for the Boss.  The minigun is also made up so it can be fitted or removed.  This way we may be able to have just about any combination of figures.

Aiden (age 6 and a half) loves motor bikes and when he was young he could not pronounce the words so he called them Chogobikes.  So now we have the ... Chogobikers!

The Boss - Chogo himself.  There are no suitable plastic figures in the sets so the companion is from Hasslefree.  The Boss, Chogo himself will probably be based on another Hasslefree figure or if Grandad's pocket money can stretch to another expansion set we'll have a plastic one.

The Red Bike - For ease of gaming the bikes and riders wear themed colours.

The Duchess


The Yellow Bike and crew

Dedburgh Introduction

7 Searching the Suburb with the The Pink Pearls and the Zed Troopers

6 The Army Raids Riyal Badyin's Depot

5 School girls and Survivors tackle hordes of Zombies

4 Rescue Survivors and Find "Granny"

3 The Rescue and the search for Fuel.

2 Evacuate the Survivors

1 Clear the street

The Zombies

The Survivors

The Biker Gang - Chogobikers

The Characters


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