ZOmbie apocalypse

dedburgh 4

Rescue Granny while the Police Hunt for Survivors

In this game Uncle Al drew the Special Forces Mission Card to rescue "Granny".

Aiden (age 7) drew the Police mission card to searc for survivors in the sector of Dedburgh not searched in the last game.

Starting positions

Aiden deploys his policemen in all round defence.  He asked for a driver as an extra figure because he wanted to use the car and kind Grandad said OK

The car was left switched off so it did not attract zombies.  But the first house checked was occupied by zombies.  Aiden made sure that the doors and windows were secure and left them there as a fast zombie ran in to the attack.

His next house was empty but zombies from nearby shambled to the attack.  The gateway was held by the gallant PC Clubman with shield and Z-Baton.  PC Snypur was ready to help while PC Findum checked the buildings.


The stealthy SAS at the other end of Main Street clear the first compound.  This takes some time as there aew zombies close by.

PC Findum rescued two survivors and the team walks quietly across the road.  But Zombies close in.

Suddenly a banner flaps from a window. Survivors upstairs!

But fast zombies run in to the attack and bonce off PC Clubman's shield and are slain by his baton.


The SAS are still checking buildings and tackling zombies.

WPC Speedwaye tries to start the car attracting the unwelcome attention of nearby zombies


Pursued by zombies the police move into the compound but the red car cannot be moved.


The SAS have been stealthily active searching buildings while the police have been attracting the zombies.  Eventually they find the scientist with "Granny". 


The police clear the outbuildings and find more survivors and some zombies

Three very agressive zombies attack killing a survivor.

The police car now arrives and places itself between the approaching zombies and the survivors.

At the back of the group one of the zomies rises from the dead and attacks the policeman.

And the police car runs over a spike and bursts a tyre

A horde of zombies overwhelms a gallant survivor.

And while the zombies engage in a feeding frenzy the police and the survivors flee spraying the horde with bullets.

The SAS had a quiet but successful game even though hardly anyone noticed them!  Well I suppose that was to be expected.  Aiden played his policemen very well rescuing 9 survivors but losing two. 

More from Dedburgh soon.

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4 Rescue Survivors and Find "Granny"

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The Zombies

The Survivors

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The Characters


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