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Dedburgh 1

Evacuate all the survivors

We have given up on "Project Z" rules for our zombie games though we still use the figures.  We did this because we all found the bespoke dice and some of the mechanisms confusing.  So I had a look in the hard drive of my old desktop PC - yep the one that was built for me in 2004!  It still runs though is has had a new video card and a new CD-ROM Drive fitted.  Anyway, on the hard drive was an old file folder entitled "Zombies" and in it was a set of Akula's two page zombie rules.  We have used these for a few months and never get tired of them  They, together with GWs "The Hobbit", are favourite games for grandad, the boys and their Uncle Al (a sergeant in the army). 

Over the months we have tinkered with them by adding event cards and a few extra rules written down the umpire (grandad) to remind him of how we decided to do things.  The card driven sequence has not been changed at all.

Most of the games so far have not been photographed but this one has been.  The players are Aiden (age 7) and Callum (age 10).  Uncle Al played the Zombies and grandad was umpire.

The game uses two paper mats from the Mantic Mars Attacks game (if anyone has them as does not use them we would be most grateful to take them off your hands to expand the games.  Contact me on info@morvalearth.co.uk for anything about this game or anything else on the site.

The Forces:

The boys decided on their forces and each took a 4-man team of soldiers.  Callum had one with an RPG and Assault rifle, one with assault rifle and UGL and 2 light support weapons (LMGs), Aiden also took a team of 4 soldiers armed in the same way as Callum but with the RPG replaced by a sapper with demolition charges. 

The Zombies had 4 spawn points (we place one spawn point for each team plus 2).  These were all placed along the main street.  In addition grandad threw 2d6 and got 8 so he placed 8 shambler zombies.  He then thre a d3 for Tank Zombies and got 1, and also a d3 for Fast Zombies and again got 1.  His throw of 5 on his next set up roll gave him one Liche.

The Mission:

To check all the buildings on Main Street and evacuate all survivors found there. 

NOTE: There are no victory points for killing Zombies in this game.  It is simply that the boys win if they evacuate the survivors.  All survivors are randomly generated in one of out tweaks to the rules. 

The recce drone observed progress:

Aiden went straight for the big house, breaking through a barricaded door (Sappers are good at that).  Inside was a female survivor armed with melee weapons who very nearly attacked the sapper. 

Callum then rescued a survivor in the second house he checks.


The silent battle continued as Aiden moved down the right hand side of the Main Street rescuing two more survivors.  One had a chain saw!


On the other side of the Main Street, Callum rescued a large but unarmed man who was very pleased to see him.


All of a sudden a Mutant Tank Zombie saw Aiden's Fire Team and attacked.  It was met head on by the chainsaw weilding civilian and in two rounds of melee the Mutant Zombie was cut to pieces .


Callum cleared the rest of the buildings on the far side and doubled back dealing silently with several zombies and rescuing two more survivors.  


The noise of the chainsaw brought zombies from all sides towards Aiden's fire team and a rather one sided (but close) gun battle ensued as his soldiers operating in pairs cleared the last buildings on his side of the street.  In the battle the liche was killed ending his control of the zombie hordes.   


As this was taking place Callum entered the last compound and rescued 2 more survivors.  He sent his 2 LMGs upstairs to support Aiden.  And their combined firepower was unleashed on the zombies. 


Callum starts his evacuation after a fight with a horde in which 2 survivors are lost.


Aiden back tracks his route with all of his survivors, fighting all the way.


Callum exits


And then Aiden does likewise

Mission accomplised!

Dedburgh Introduction

Dedburgh Introduction

7 Searching the Suburb with the The Pink Pearls and the Zed Troopers

6 The Army Raids Riyal Badyin's Depot

5 School girls and Survivors tackle hordes of Zombies

4 Rescue Survivors and Find "Granny"

3 The Rescue and the search for Fuel.

2 Evacuate the Survivors

1 Clear the street

The Zombies

The Survivors

The Biker Gang - Chogobikers

The Characters


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