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Brian Stirling IN MEMORIAM
Our great friend and fellow wargamer,
Brian Stirling,
was murdered on 17 December 2016 on his way home from a social.
Brian was gentle giant of a man who never lost his temper or had a bad word to say about anyone.  He has been my friend for many years and I will sorely miss his good humour and wonderful personality.
A true gentleman. 
Brian Stirling
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Where is Morval Earth? Where is Morvalistan? Where is Morvalonesia?
Morval Earth is a fantasy sub-continent between the Sundering Sea and the Khanish Sea.  It was invented in  1986 by John Mumford.   Morvalistan is a fictional area of Africa.  It covers the general region of the current Congo, Kenya and Tanzania.  It was created in 1999 by Alan Hamilton   Morvalonesia is a fictional archipelago in the South Seas.  It was discovered in 2003 by Alan and Andrew Hamilton. 
What happens in Morval Earth? What happens in Morvalistan? What happens in Morvalonesia?

Over the years it has seen an awful lot of bloodshed and given dozens of players tremendous enjoyment in a myriad of raids, counter raids, plots, battles, adventures, quests and hunts.  In fact everything you can find in the best fantasy fiction.  Eventually a quest started and continued despite the best efforts of John to kill off the characters in 42 episodes (evenings).

The setting for Morval Earth is generally Medieval.  In main human characters predominate but you can find dwarfs, goblins, elves and amazons to name but a few.  In fact a look at the old and new catalogues of companies like Games Workshop, Citadel, Garrison, Grenadier, Ral Partha, Irregular, Lamming, Hinchliffe, Asgard and may others nearly forgotten.  Hiding away are other creatures from free giveaways, dinosaurs and dragons. 


Over the last few years there have been bloody revolutions, tribal warfare and countless expeditions to the interior.  In fact everything you can find in the books and films on exploration and adventure.  History is important as are the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Rider Haggard and others.

Set in Victorian times the main characters are British, European and tribal.  That is not to say that the Americans and Chinese do not appear.  

The figures are largely Foundry, Eureka, Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company, Essex, Irregular, Dixon, Warrior and others.  The land is inhabited by metal animals as well as plastic "toy" ones.  Cardboard gunboats, canoes and dhows ply the water ways.  The odd reckless "baloonatic" floats by and very occasionally a horseless carriage or other infernal contraption is seen. 

The myriad islands of the Morvalonesia archipelago are home to adventurers, explorers, criminals, mad scientists, creatures that time forgot, lost civilisations and cavewomen in fur bikinis.  Indeed it is just the place for Hollywood to make its B-Movies and for authors to write pulp adventures. 

Set fairly loosely in the period 1900 - 1939 the adventures the main characters are the Chinese settlers and the native inhabitants with a sprinkling of Europeans, Americans and others. 

The figures come from a wide variety of sources (as is usual with us).  Many come from Bob Murch's excellent "Pulp Figures" ranges and from Mark Copplestone's excellent "Back of Beyond" and "High Adventure" ranges.  Interestingly enough there is a crossover of figures from Morvalistan in this region.

Have You Met Us?

Well, if you have been at the annual CLAYMORE SHOW in Edinburgh, CARRONADE in Falkirk, SKELP in Forfar or WAPPINSHAW in Glasgow then you will have seen us and might even have played one of our games.  We have hosted regularly, almost every year in fact, the best, the runner up or one of the commended public participation games.  You can see some of our attempts in the Gallery and elsewhere on the site.

You might have taken part in our fantasy games; "Zaubinzel (1979ish)", "Saint Tugen Raid (1984ish)", "The Gyrth Wyrlod", "The Goriga Monster Hunt", "Retribution in Ekthalon", "Damsels in Distress" and others.   Or our other games "Gangsters", "Dad's Army", "Flashman in India", "Flashman and King Slobodan's Mines", "Flashman and the Golden Pyramid", "Allo Allo", "Lost Balloonatics in Dino Hell", Doctor Who, Wild West and more.

Our objective in all our games is fun.  

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