ZOmbie apocalypse

The Survivors

For our first games we used Project Z Rules and decided on a variety of fairly ordinary survivors.  Since then we have gone over to Akulas Rules (modified by grandad and the boys) our games are mosty based in a completely fictional setting in and around Dedburgh, UK.  Mainly because grandad has only seen a couple of Zombie films - Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days later, 28 weeks later and World War Z.  He has read the book World War Z and also the first 3 of the Arisen series.  So our attempt at Zombie Apocalypse plastic survivors reflects a fairly general mix of weapons to try out the rules and get used to them. 

The buildings in the background are fairly simple foamcore and card constructions.

Ladies first - we play that the figure only carries the weaponry actually on the it.  A pistol is both a distance weapon and also a melee weapon and a rifle can be used as a club and so on.  So it is important how we build our models.  And because we use a UK setting gun armed figures are fewer than hand and improvised weapons.  This has led to the boys learning tactics and choosing carefully when to go "noisy".


And the Gents - Again a variety of weaponry

The figures below are all conversions in some way or another.

From left to right: small girl with converted head and arms, Blue Lady has Biker Babe legs with a Zombie Vixen torso and head; Green Lady has converted arms; Police lady has Biker Babe legs and head, survivor body and weapons and the very aggressive and upset lady is a Zombie Vixen torso and head with survivor arms.  Quite pleased with them!

Not exactly "Survivors" but more "Ex-Survivors".  In our games there have, so far, only been Survivors or Zombies.  What was missing was the intermediary stage of "Dead".  So grandad made some bodies by mixing suitable parts from survivor and zombie plastic sprues.  These may be used to represent survivors that have been partially eaten or recently killed and going through the process of conversion to zombies.  These have been quite successful so I may try to make some more.  These ones may go onto clear plastic bases to make them easier to handle.

Dedburgh Introduction

7 Searching the Suburb with the The Pink Pearls and the Zed Troopers

6 The Army Raids Riyal Badyin's Depot

5 School girls and Survivors tackle hordes of Zombies

4 Rescue Survivors and Find "Granny"

3 The Rescue and the search for Fuel.

2 Evacuate the Survivors

1 Clear the street

The Zombies

The Survivors

The Biker Gang - Chogobikers

The Characters


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