The Survivors

For our first games we decided on a variety of fairly ordinary survivors.  Since our games are most likely based in a completely fictional setting mix of the USA, UK and Europe.  Mainly because grandad has only seen a couple of Zombie films - Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days later, 28 weeks later and World War Z.  He has read the book World War Z and also the first 3 of the Arisen series.  So our   attempt at Project Z plastic survivors reflects a fairly general mix of weapons to try out the rules and get used to them. 

The buildings in the background are fairly simple foamcore and card constructions.

Ladies first - The rules say that the figure only carries the weaponry actually on the it.  A pistol is both a distance weapon and also a melee weapon and a rifle can be used as a club and so on.  So it is important how you build your models. 


And the Gents - Again a variety of weaponry


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The Survivors

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