ZOmbie apocalypse

The Vehicles

We needed some cars for our games and since most would be wrecks or terrain pieces we set off to the various pound stores in the shopping centre.  Poundland had packs of 3 police cars and pickups for a pound.  Ideal!  Below is a picture of the wreck and the original car with two survisvors for scale.

  The conversion was simple.  The "stickers" were soaked off though they glue and fragments stuck firmly and they had to be scraped off.  Some residue was left and this became "rust".  The cars were them taken apart doors cut off and bent, axles bent and the police lights on the roof removed and the holes filled.  The inside was given a fairly rough colour scheme and bodies could have been put inside if desired.  We did not do this.  The cars were then rebuilt and painted with acrylics, splotchs of thinned brows and orange added to give a damaged and uncared for look.  Then they were dry brushed with a pale colour to emphasise any details.  Some were made into wrecks some into abandoned but (maybe) driveable cars.

A Poundland tractor


And a Poundland Police Car


"We" bought the Warlord Games Spec Ops deal for our  zombie games with our grandchildren. When I saw the Humvee in the box I thought it matched the ones available in Poundland 's "Army Force" die cast toys that were sitting in my "Might Be Useful Later" box. So a quick check of the diecast toy and the resin model surprised me. The toy and the model are very close in size. So all 7 - 4 with the turtlebacks and 3 with the hard top are now being painted up.

The 4 turtle back toys have had a 20mm laser cut base, a card hatch and weapons from the spares box added. Not brilliant but at 1 GBP per vehicle instead of 15 GBP they look OK.


Dedburgh Introduction

7 Searching the Suburb with the The Pink Pearls and the Zed Troopers

6 The Army Raids Riyal Badyin's Depot

5 School girls and Survivors tackle hordes of Zombies

4 Rescue Survivors and Find "Granny"

3 The Rescue and the search for Fuel.

2 Evacuate the Survivors

1 Clear the street

The Zombies

The Survivors

The Biker Gang - Chogobikers

The Characters


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