ZOmbie apocalypse

dedburgh 7

Searching the Suburb

Communication with the outside world is difficult and so is communication between survivor groups.  It is still early days and Penelope and the Pink Pearls a "famous celebrity girl band pop group" all of whom are members of the Dedburgh Firearms Club and have stopped off to arm themselves.  They are returning from a gig when their limo runs short of fuel.  So they enter Dedburgh.

On a parallel road a fire team from the newly formed Z-Troops is moving in to search for survivors and evacuate them. 

At first all appears quiet

But first impressions can be deceptive.  Many residents sought safety in the church but some inside were already "turning" and infected the others.

The Z-Troopers are first to arrive and dismount to carry out a reconnaissance.  A quick assessment tells them that things are far worse than their intelligence briefing indicated.  "We need more troops and bigger guns", said Trooper (Foundry figures with a Pound Shop vehicle).

A street across town Penelope and the Pink Pearls, similarly dismount and have a look at the devastation.  (Copplestone figures and a broken diecast toy that was about to be thrown out and with new rear wheels fitted pressed back into service)

The Z-Troops mount up and ram their way through a zombie

The Pink Pearls travel along the streets largely ignored by the zombies.

Event cards were drawn and the Paramedic car siren started up drawing zombies towards it.

While Penelope's unarmed boyfriend comes out of hiding when he sees the pink limo.

He is immediately attacked by a female zombie - a jealous ex-girlfriend perhaps? And he despatches her.

Battering their way through the zombies, running over some and battering others out of the way, a song burst out from the Troopers

All together now, one, two, three
Keep your mind on your driving
Keep your hands on the wheel
Keep your snoopy eyes on the Zeds ahead
We're having fun sitting in the back seat shootin' and a-slashin' the Zed!

And soon they arrive at their destination and find the first group of survivors right beside a Zombie Spawn Point.  Typical.

Meanwhile the girls run out of fuel but right beside the filling station!  They attract the unwanted attention of their fans now turned Zombies. Obviously they were watching too much social media and so were easily caught as they were walking and looking at their smart phones when the outbreak began.

The two groups are very close together but unaware of each other as there has,as yet, been no firing.

But danger approaches.  Where are the bouncers when you them?

The Z-Troopers make the rounds of the houses and collect more survivors.  Probably not attracted by the singing!

Three of the Pink Pearls set off to seek a couple of cans of fuel.

Attracted by the noise the zombie hordes swarm out of the church.

The Z Troopers meet up with a former comrade.  "Hey Jack, look there is your sister-in-law Jill! Looks like she forgot to put on her clothes."

"Is she a zed?"

"Diffult to say as she has her smart phone in her hand!"

The girls' card sets up a new Zombie Spawn point just outside the filling station.  An the red car is no use as it was being serviced and needs a battery and its oil replaced.  No time for that and it might splash oil on the white boots!  And the one Zombie is despatched.

The Zed Troopers run into problems. A shed is infested and a hand to hand fight ensues.

And the noise attracts the zombies.  So the driver starts the engine attracting attention to himself. 

The girls are also in trouble.  Zombies swarm in and Priscilla goes down fighting. 

Using the starter motor to bump the limo closer the girls retreat.  They could not save Priscilla so shot her in the head to prevent her turning into a zombie.  Nobody wants an undead pop group as competition do they? They pour in the two cans of petrol they found in the servicing bay.

The Zed Trooper driver reverses out drawing the zombies with him.  He also realises that the girls need help but cannot do anything.  The others make their escape bid over the walls.

A hidden agent calls out to the driver and is spotted.

The foot party reach the Paramedic car and check it over.  It is in good working order.

Aiden - Commander of the Zed Troopers continues to batter his way through the zombies and links up his two groups.

The game ends as both parties exit the board.  The Zed Troopers did very well playing it quiet until they could not avoid it.  They lost one survivor in the hand to hand fighting but made it off with 5 survisors, much needed medical equipment and supplies.  The Pink Pearls girls lost one of the group but gained Penelope's boyfriend.    The deciced that maybe a name change th Penelope and the Pink Perils might be in order.


Dedburgh Introduction

7 Searching the Suburb with the The Pink Pearls and the Zed Troopers

6 The Army Raids Riyal Badyin's Depot

5 School girls and Survivors tackle hordes of Zombies

4 Rescue Survivors and Find "Granny"

3 The Rescue and the search for Fuel.

2 Evacuate the Survivors

1 Clear the street

The Zombies

The Survivors

The Biker Gang - Chogobikers

The Characters


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