Freedom for Morvalonga

Independents, Gangsters and Assorted Nefarious Types


Arahmz Phorzayl , the Marzibari gun runner and smuggler

I found this scruffy old Dinky RAF Rescue Launch, took it apart, cleaned it up and reassembled it. 

Off the coast of Morvalonga lies the island chain of Marzibar.  The principal island is, of course, Marzibar and the other large islands are Sniqabar and Q'runjibar.  These islands are surrounded by myriad islets and small islands.  Many are uninhabited and provide perfect havens for pirates, gun runners, slavers and other nefarious activities.  Amongst them is Arahmz Phorzayl, a highly successful gun runner and trader in many high value items.  He owns a very fast and powerful motor launch which with a small crew and heavy armament is very successful at evading the patrol boats.


Al Jaish Al Werdi

Reports are coming in that the incredibly evil insurgents have recruited a force from the more impressionable children:
Al Jaish al Werdi - The Pink Army - of Islamic children. They are led by the infamous multiple murderer Gurli Pinqpantz.

A second unit of child soldiers led by some Qaza'ar paratroopers (on the right).  The Death Runners, infamous for their delight torturing captives can be seen on the left in their distinctive skeleton body paint.

Raiding Boats

These fast boats operate on the inland waterways, lakes and along the coast.

The Regular Army of Morvalonga 

The Air Forces of all nations

The Morvalongan Navy and Marines

The MOLAR Insurgents

The Paramilitaries

The Royal Islamic Army of Qaza'ar

The Royal Marines Task Force

The Independents, Gangsters and Assorted Nefarious Types

Generic Equipment 

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

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