Freedom for Morvalonga

The Air Forces

Generic Forces

The airports and airfields have a variety of buildings and the common type of control tower is shown here.

The small hangar is an old vacuum formed hangar acquired many years ago.

Ground crew painted up so that they are fairly generic and can be used in a variety of settings.

Pilots doing what they do best.  Standing about with other pilots swopping stories.  Each story is, of course, better and more daring than anyone else.  Again they are in generic uniform styles.

The Morvalongan Air Force

 The Morvalongan Air Force is predominantly equipped with British aircraft many of which are legacy types from the Colonial Days with a few recent purchases.  Other types are coming in to service as they can be acquired.

The mainstay of the Fighter squadrons is the superb and versatile Hawker Hunter.  In the interceptor role Morvalongan Hunters carry the usual four 30mm ADEN cannon and two or four Sidewinders.  The fighter-bombers are more common and can carry a wide variety of bombs, rockets, missiles and fuel tanks as well as the cannon.

The close support squadrons mainly use the BAC Strikemaster armed with two 7.62mm machine guns and four underwing hardpoints for bombs, rocket pods, gun pods, napalm or other weapons.

Recently the Bishop received a donation of a BAE Hawk which has been painted in the National Colours of purple and gold.  Although reserved mainly for air displays and other public events it retains its full combat equipment including the ADEN cannon and fittings for underwing racks for rocket pods and bombs.  The "Golden Assegai" is shown below.

The Morvalongan Naval Air Arm

 The long coastline and threat from pirates, gun runners and other illegal activities has raised the priority of the coastal patrol squadrons of the Morvalongan Naval Air Arm which are being  equipped with Britten Norman Defenders.  These are capable of armed maritime reconnaissance with onboard radar which can be supplemented by reconnaissance pods.  They typically carry gun pods, fuel tanks and light bombs.

The Morvalongan Army Air Corps

The Morvalongan Army Air Corps is equipped with a variety of helicopters.

Within the Armoured Brigades there is a dedicated Light Helicopter Flight with Westland Sioux aircraft.  These are mainly used for armed reconnaissance and tactical command.  They have four 7.62mm machine guns mounted on the skids.

Westland Scout helicopters provide light utility transport and often work with the Special Forces.  Each Scout carries a 7.62mm machine gun on the port side door and flares.  The internal layout has been modified to accommodate a patrol group of 4 soldiers, one of whom may fire his LMG from the sling mount on the starboard side.  These modified aircraft are called "Panthers" locally.

The Morvalongan Army Aviation Corps has received two Dornier Do-28 light transports for the Tsavi Tigers. One is used as a carrier for 10 - 12 paratroopers. This aircraft is not normally armed but has racks under the fuselage for supply containers or weapons.

The other Do-28 has been converted to a gunship. It has four 7.62mm machine guns under the nose, two hardpoints for rocket pods or light bombs, 2 chutes in the cabin for dropping flares or anti-personnel bomblets and in the door a turret mounting a 20mm cannon and co-axial .50" HMG.

Newly arrived Cessna A-37 Dragonfly


The Royal Islamic Air Force of Qaza'ar

The Royal Islamic Air Force of Qaza'ar, like the ground forces is mainly equipped with equipment from the Soviet Bloc.  The King is interested in updating the capability of the air force.  However, like many neighbouring nations, most of its equipment is obsolete.

The fighter-bomber squadrons are equipped with elderly MiG 15s .  These aircraft have been updated as often as is possible and still carry a potent cannon armament of 2 x 23mm and 1 x 37mm cannon with bombs or rockets on underwing hard points.

The light attack role is filled by the Aero I-29 Delfin.  These have been modified to carry 2 x 7.62mm machine guns and to carry light bombs and rockets on 4 under wing hard points.


Ground attack is now provided by Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters armed with a Gatling type HMG in the nose 4 rocket pods and 4 missiles. 

The missiles are wooden mock ups as real ones are far too expensive!

MiG-19 Fighter bombers equip one squadron

Training and Forward Air Control is provided by elderly MiG-15 UTI

The Independents and Paramilitaries

The Battlecats

The Battlecats are a Private Military Company raised by an ex-patriate multi-millionaire and supermodel, Igotta Luvliboddi to protect the homeland.  The force offers considerable support in the border provinces.  The favoured aircraft is the Douglas Skyraider or "Sandy".  These heavily armed aircraft are a welcome sight to many an embattled soldier and a terror to the insurgents.

CALLUMFORCE - Private Attack Aircraft

This particular model came as a donation from our 5-year-old grandson who wanted to have his own "army men, army cars and army planes".  We are working on the ground elements now.  He decided on the colour scheme, painted the plane, stuck on the bombs, rocket pods, guns and picked the "stickers" from the internet (no copyright infringement I hope!).  It is a Dinky Toy Beechcraft.

And of course he needed an "Ambliance" aircraft.  He thinks it needs red crosses on the wings and tail and he is probably correct.


The Regular Army of Morvalonga 

The Air Forces of all nations

The Morvalongan Navy and Marines

The MOLAR Insurgents

The Paramilitaries

The Royal Islamic Army of Qaza'ar

The Royal Marines Task Force

The Independents, Gangsters and Assorted Nefarious Types

Generic Equipment 

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

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