Freedom for Morvalonga

 Paramilitaries, UN and Politicals


GeneriKorps Security has the contract for the security for a significant amount of Morvalonga’s important foreign owned infrastructure. The company was formed by a former German Officer, Klaus Zedohr, some say he was rejected by the SS for cruelty but this has never been proved. The Company has commissioned many of its own armoured vehicles to be produced in Morvalonga by the Lezni Machbux Corporation. The Company uses mainly American small arms and provides static and mobile guard forces. The security guards wear distinctive 4 colour camouflage which is similar to that painted on their vehicles. Klaus Zedofr is reputed to be one of the richest men in Morvalonga.

Lezni Machbux Corporation produces most of the civilian vehicles used in Morvalonga under licence or simply copies of other nations’ vehicles. 
The Leopard 4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier has reasonable mobility and is amphibious without preparation being propelled in water by two propellers at the rear. It may be configured for command, ambulance and logistics as well as the APC role. Weapon options at the moment are limited to 50 calibre and 7.62mm machine guns or water cannon in the Internal Security role. This vehicle is most suited to police, paramilitary or internal security operations. It has a crew of 2 and can transport up to 10 troops. 


The UN have sent, at last, an intervention team to support the humanitarian, educational and health programmes.

 If you look closely you might see a temporal traveller posing as a Doctor in there. Doctor Who I hear you ask?


Of course the Bishop President has encouraged the youth of Morvalonga to defend the nation. One of the best Gucci, genuine Gucci of course, equipped militant youth groups are the Pink Panthers. This is an all girl combat unit of considerable prowess and efficiency.  They are considered, at least by themselves, to be on a par with the Special Forces.   Glossy white 4x4s armed with HMG and recoilless rifles make up the transport.   The designer uniforms are carefully cut for utility.


Her Majesty the Queen not only sent her Royal Marines she also sent a special envoy, Lady Penelope Crighton-Ward, to establish better relations with the former colony.  Ostensibly she was there to carry out a fact finding mission. Oddly and coincidentally there have been reports of two strange flying machines of types unknown at a couple of disaster sites carrying out almost impossible rescues. But that cannot be true. Can it?

Lady Penelope is shown in here both in her more formal attire and her casual gear along with her faithful driver/butler Parker. It is rumoured that she equips the Pink Panthers, but that is probably just conjecture, don't you think.  Of course the RAF delivered her custom made Rolls Royce which is reported, reliably of course, to be heavily armoured and deploy considerable firepower.


The Morvalongan Police Special Unit 51 looks after the more interesting prisoners and incidents. Its HQ is reportedly in AREA 51 but the Government denies the existence of such a place.

The National Park Service

The National Park Service have taken delivery of some new Land Rovers in their distinctive colour scheme.

Generic Paramilitaries

Paramilitaries feature in many forces in the African continent and Morvalonga and its surrounding countries are no different. These S&S figures have been painted to form a generic force that can be used as security company guards, gendarmes, better quality militia etc.  They are armed with AK-47s, RPGs and other Soviett bloc weapons.


In addition to the UN Intervention Team several teams have been deployed mainly in the central area of the country.  As well these teams strong patrol bases of multinational forces have been established in several areas.

Armoured cars

Two French armoured cars from S&S Models (I think) with added ,50" MGs from the spares box.

Motorised infantry

The APCs are VABs from S&S Models with added .50" MGs from the spares box.  The crews are from the ESCI NATO Troops set that have been lying about for years unused.

Light patrol group

The scout cars are Matchbox die cast toys crewed again by the ESCI NATO Troops (some converted)

The Regular Army of Morvalonga 

The Air Forces of all nations

The Morvalongan Navy and Marines

The MOLAR Insurgents

The Paramilitaries

The Royal Islamic Army of Qaza'ar

The Royal Marines Task Force

The Independents, Gangsters and Assorted Nefarious Types

Generic Equipment 

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

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