Support for Morvalonga

The Royal Navy Morvalonga Task Force

The Bishop has requested assistance from the UK to suppress the pirates and gun runners that plague the coast.  And so the task force was despatched. It was commanded by Vice Admiral Sir Jekyl Sepport.  The main components are the Commando Carrier HMS Imperceptible, the Carrier HMS Invisible, the Frigates HMS Obscure and HMS Opaque the Destroyer HMS Hidden. 

The Commando Battle group commander, Lt Col Mildew Staines, has a Gazelle helicopter armed with a GPMG, 2 Matra pods and flare dispensers



The basis of the land component is 49 RM Commando.  The figures are some Matchbox NATO Paratroopers that have been in a tin for many years. I did not have quite enough so if anyone has a few spare ones I'd be very interested in them. 

On the ground the BG HQ, From the left:  Land Rover Ambulance, Quartermaster's Rover, CO's Rover, Naval Gunfire Support Officer and RAF Forward Air Controller Rover and Command Post.

The Recce Troop has two JB Models/Airfix LWB Land rovers one armed with a MILAN and GPMG and the other with a .50" MG and GPMG.

The Mortar Troop has a JB Models/Airfix 1 tonne Land Rover, two 81mm mortar teams and a Mortar Fire Controller team.

The GPMG (SF) Troop has a JB Models/Airfix 1 tonne Land Rover, 2 GPMG SF, the guns are from the ESCI Modern British and the crews are from the Matchbox NATO Paras.

The Milan Troop has an open JB Models/Airfix 1 tonne Land Rover with a pair of MILAN firing posts from the Revell Modern Germans.

The Snipers and Blowpipes come from other sets the Blowpipe gunners have their helmets removed and berets glued on.

Three Rifle Companies

Each is scaled out at about 1/6 its real strength and reflects the contents of the Matchbox (now Revell) box contents as more than history.  Each Company has an Officer, 2" mortar, radio operator, 2 x Carl Gustav MAW, 2 x GPMG, 2 x LMG and 10 riflemen. 

The Naval Gunfire Support Officer (NGS) in dark blue beret and the Forward Air Controller (FAC) in light blue beret


Commando Battery RA with Command post, 2 JB Models/Airfix 1 tonne Land Rover gun tractors, 2 105mm Light Guns and 2 Forward Observation Officer Teams.

Commando Logistic and Engineers Group with all vehicles from JB Models/Airfix.

Armoured Recce Squadron; a Feret, 2 Scorpions and 2 Scimitars.

The Commandos have MILAN ATGW but I wanted to be able to use them earlier.  I had an Airfix/JB 3/4 tonne Landrover and trailer so I converted them into a Wombat and Portee.  The Landrover was quite simple and I made two Wombats, one deployed  from the trailer bits and one to fit in the back of the Landrover from scrap.

Helicopters from HMS Imperceptible and HMS Invisible
Sea King "Junglies" - repainted diecasts from the "Helicopter" magazine.


Wessex - an old Frog kit and a newer Novo kit.

The Air Group

RAF Harrier embarked on HMS Invisible

Sea Harrier

Navy Lynx

That lot should sort out the pirates!

The Regular Army of Morvalonga 

The Air Forces of all nations

The Morvalongan Navy and Marines

The MOLAR Insurgents

The Paramilitaries

The Royal Islamic Army of Qaza'ar

The Royal Marines Task Force

The Independents, Gangsters and Assorted Nefarious Types

Generic Equipment 

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

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