The townsfolk, Priests, priestesses, servants and slaves

To add some extra excitement and perhaps to impede the players we have added some civilians and other folk to our collection.  The models come from a wide variety of manufacturers and some are repaints of old figures so that they fit in with the rest of the collection. 

Ladies first - the servants, slaves and some warrior types (there are some very old figures in this lot).


Townsmen, servants and slaves.  Most of them are Black Tree figures.

The upper and middle class as well as a priestess or two.  Not sure where the priestess on the left came from.

A variety of adults and children some are relatively new though there are some vintage Minifigs, Garrison, Asgard, Citadel and Rose (probably others too).

Priests, Priestesses and Sooth Sayers

Greek Myths First Page

The Argonauts

Harpies, Pegasi and other fliers

King Aetees and the denizens and army of Colchis

Townsfolk, priests, priestesses, servants and slaves

Fantastic and mythical creatures


Pan and his Satyrs

Some Terrain - The Angel Pool, the Temple of the Horned God (Ruin), The Lair of the Snakemen and the Pharaoh's Bathing Pool

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