King aetees of colchis and his retinue

The main enemy force is that of Aetees, King of Colchis and his forces.  I looked at the Foundry figures but I really wanted a more diverse force than was on otther there.  I have no idea what the historical inhabitants of Colchis looked like and so looked for figures that would look a bit like those in the classic film.  First I looked in my Lead Mountain and then I looked online and settled of Warlord Games range of Achaemenid Persians backed by some Black Tree Design figures.

Here, from left to right are some of the main characters for our games:

King Aetees, Priestess of Hecate, Medusa (one of many guises I have), Medea as High Priestess of Hecate, two of the king's servants.

The Green Regiment

The Blue Regiment

The Archers led by a Ral Partha amazon now re-roled as one of the Princesses

the Hydra (one of two that I have)

Children of the Hydra



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King Aeetes of Colchis and his Retinue

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