The argonauts

Jason (Foundry and a Plastic one) with his crew.  A few more will be added later as they are a bit short of missile troops.

And in the bottom of a box was a resin hull base that I bought many years ago in a bargain bin of miscasts which with some card, paper, dowel, tinfoil and a Greek or Roman figure found in a charity shop became the "Argo"

Fully Crewed the Argo has taken down its mast and sail ready for action.

The stern with the statue of Hera and two plastic Greeks converted to make Ancaeus (axe) and Poeas (Champion Archer)

And, of course, The Golden Fleece

Greek Myths First Page

The Argonauts

The Flying Creatures

King Aeetes of Colchis and his Retinue

Townsfolk and Civilians

Fantastic Creatures

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