Harpies, Pegasus and other fliers

To commemorate the 100th birthday of the RAF I decided on a special page of flying creatures.

Pegasi - Casting Room Miniatures

Harpies - a whole variety of manufacturers

Other creatures - various manufacturers and I have no idea what the three-headed creature is but it looks mythological.

Birdmen - Old figures

Flying skirmishers - Garrison

Flying Hoplites and a Peltast

Greek Myths First Page

The Argonauts

Harpies, Pegasi and other fliers

King Aetees and the denizens and army of Colchis

Townsfolk, priests, priestesses, servants and slaves

Fantastic and mythical creatures


Pan and his Satyrs

Some Terrain - The Angel Pool, the Temple of the Horned God (Ruin), The Lair of the Snakemen and the Pharaoh's Bathing Pool

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