Ever since I saw the film "Jason and the Argonauts" I have wanted to pit Heroic Greeks against Skeletons.  Our youngest son was also taken by the same film and had lots of plastic "Jason Men" which fought plastic dinosaurs.   

Now his son and our grandson is also fascinated by the film.  So grandad (me) had an excellent excuse to dig about in the lead mountain.  And what did I find?

The Foundry Argonauts, a Golden Fleece, some ancient Greek and Persian infantry, some assorted Ancients and a few useful looking fantasy figures.  There are Minifigs, Garrison, Minot, Rose, Citadel, Games Workshop, Reaper and quite a few unknowns.  Did I really buy all these at wagame shows?

A box of 42 Plastic Greeks and a bag of bits that turned out to be plastic Greek Amazons was in the kit stash.

And a couple of purchases from gamers on a couple of forums has increased the "Ready to Paint" pile.

The collection will grow to include King Aetees of Colchis, Medea, troops, The Children of the Hydra, The Hydra and much more so it will be worth checking back regularly.

The Argonauts

Harpies, Pegasi and other fliers

King Aetees and the denizens and army of Colchis

Townsfolk, priests, priestesses, servants and slaves

Fantastic and mythical creatures


Pan and his Satyrs

Some Terrain - The Angel Pool, the Temple of the Horned God (Ruin), The Lair of the Snakemen and the Pharaoh's Bathing Pool

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