The Amazons

On his travels Jason encounters Queen Hypsipyle on the Isle of Lemnos so it was quite logical to include some female warriors in the collection.  Searching the old boxes I came up with a chariot, a box of plastic amazons and quite a few Garrison and little Minot amazons that will become young girls as peltasts.  A trade on a forum brought in some lightly dressed female hoplites.  I have a lot more than intended!

The Chariot had a cre of two amazons so the Officer became the General of the Amazon army.

These lightly dressed amazons came from a trade on the internet.  All are clothed in a sort of sideless tunic, helmet, shield and spear. 

Some of the plastic Hoplites bought at Carronade flea market (I think) many years ago. 

The figures could be made up armed with spears, swords, bows, slings or javelins.  So these became peltast types. 

These are really old Garrison figures.  I am not too happy with the paint job but they will do just now. 

And a few officers from Minifigs, Garrison and I think the priestess type is an old Citadel figure. 

And a statue of an, as yet unnamed, deity or queen for the temple on the right and the animated version on the left.

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