The Exclusion Zone is penetrated by teams or crews of Stalkers and Professionals.  Gangs and individuals escaping the law, seeking thrills, adventure, profit or fame also enter the zone.  There are even those who choose to live there.  Some do this because their families have lived here for generations, some moved here for solitude and some for vengeance on the mutants.

Stalkers (Wargames Foundry)

Stalkers or bandits (Unknown and Copplestone)

Professionals (Spectre Miniatures)



Biker Gang (Copplestone)

Veteran Gang (Wargames Foundry)

Rookies (Copplestone)

Bandits (Wargames Foundry

Are they military, deserters, bandits or what?  (Frostgrave cultist bodies with Warlord Games WW2 Bolt Action German, Russian and Project Z arms, weapons and heads.  Plus various bits ad green stuff)

Well equipped Stalkers (3D prints)


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