Zona Alfa - The Delta Zone

Visiting the Oraks Factory Office

 A game played on Zoom during lockdown

Right, listen in and listen close.  We have been successful so far, and lucky too with that anomaly and the gizmo we found there.  Todayís mission is to get into the basement of a big factory building that used to belong to Oraks.  The whole town was wiped out in the first incident.  The buildings are supposed to be pretty much intact and supposedly packed full of all sorts of salvage.  Be that as may be, the whole population is still there.  Dead.  That much sudden death leads to stories of curses and ghosts and monsters.   Everyone Iíve talked to knows of someone who went in and nobody knows anybody who came out.  But then if you find a few rich caches and make a fortune in there youíre not going to advertise it.  Are you?  Some say that the survivors of the townsfolk are still there, lurking in their homes and feeding on incomers. 

Anyway, we are going in to the Oraks factory building and into the basement.  Why?  Good question Newbie.  The key card we got says ďOraks Corporation, Research Laboratory 2 Main Building, Basement 3Ē.  Itís a big square concrete building more like a fort than a science lab. 

Thatís why Iíve brought along Zaxary Nathly here.  Heís a veteran of the Zone and a champion salvager and scrounger.  Also he goes everywhere with his LMG.

So now you know, get your kit prepped and get some sleep.  This one is deep in the Yellow Zone so definitely more hairy than last time.

The Objective is the ugly concrete building in the centre:

Right from the start - "Contact. Zeds, wait out!" Zayne muttered into the mike.  Followed by a burst from his LMG.  "Two down, Two incoming!  Request support." 

Careful, your army training is showing", crackled in his earpiece.
"Contact, more Zeds.  You must have wakened them up!" said Edan.  Gunfire ripped the zombies apart. But if this was how it is in the Yellow Zone would they survive long enough to collect the prize?

It did not take long to deal with the Zeds but any delay was dangerous.  . "I just pissed my trousers," sobbed a voice.  "Calm it and cut the chatter.  More Zeds incoming,"  advised Edan calmly.
"Snap!  More here," said Zayne. 

Long range gunfire dealt with some of the Zombies but Edan was concerned, time was slipping away.  "Move it, Move it!" he called. 
Leaving the somewhat damp Slim as rear cover, Zayne and Gayge rushed forward.

They reached the wrecked cars were immediately attacked by more Zombies, "Clucking Bell! How many of them are there?"  shouted Gayge raising his assault rifle.
And missed.  Hand to hand was short but desperate.

Edan's group was simultaneously engaging a second wave of zombies.  "Blistering Backsides, more of them!"
But even firepower could not stop them all.  One reached Zaxary, "I think she fancies you!" called Karilla.
"Just my magnetic personality," he called back as he sliced the head off the zombie on one neat stroke with his kukri. 

Did things go quiet?  Nope - not in the Yellow Zone!

Zayne's bolt toss revealed a swarm of Zombies.

While Edan triggered a double swarm of giant rats, "I hate rats".

Both parties opened up with everything they had and wiped out all of the rats and zombies.  Time was running out!  "Charge the building.  Move it. Now!" shouted Edan urgently.  Karilla bounded onto the roof of a car and peered in. 
"Ooooh graceful! Were you a ballet dancer in a previous life?" Zaxary asked.  The reply is unprintable and would have made Edan blush if he had had the time to spare. 

Just as Harlyn was about to kick in the door Karilla shouted, "Watch it, Rad Ghouls inside.  About half a dozen!  All armed!"  Harlyn stopped in mid-kick and lost his balance.

Assault rifles blasted away as the Rad Ghouls rushed the door.  As the smoke cleared two could be seen charging forward.  "Heads down," called Zayne.  "I'll get them." A rattle of LMG fire and there was silence.

"Never enter a building through only one door! Ooops, my army training is showing again," smirked Zayne.  You could hear the smile!

Moments later the Team was inside and Zaxary triggered an anomaly searched it twice and survived by using his detector.  Meanwhile the others were choosing what to take from the basement. 

They were now heavily laden. Edan and Zayne swept the surroundings with their binoculars triggering two hotspots.  Both were swarming with figures - Rad Ghouls! 

"Pack up now, Time to go.  No stopping.  Go now. Go, go, go!"  And the Team obeyed.

The team rich in plunder and weapons escaped as fast as their legs would carry them. 

Another successful mission that nearly ran out of time.  The time pressure really makes these games exciting.


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