Zona Santa

We usually have a Christmas themed game for the grandchildren as the last one before Christmas.  This year I prepared one but due to COVID Restrictions it could not be played as planned with 3-4 players.  We went ahead with just one player (Santa's Crew) and myself (Jack Frost).

Father Christmas has called on his team in on the morning of Christmas Eve. 
"The sleigh has been stolen.  Raiders dressed as Elves sneaked in last night and pulled the fully laden sleigh away using snow beasts into the Forbidden Zone near the North Pole – ZONA SANTA if you like, or don’t like as the case may be.  Do have another mince pie.

Four elves followed them but only 2 came back, the other two were captured.  The Sleigh is in the Christmas Pudding Store and the elves are prisoners in the disused Igloo. 
Noel and Nicholas I want you to leave now to rescue the elves, the sleigh and the presents.  You will be taking the 8 reindeer, Dancer, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen led by Rudolph who will come in when called."

We also had an umpire just to make sure that all was fair (my 14-year-old cat "Loki" is her name)

And some rule additions
New Gear: “Christmas Cheer” – takes the place of E-Juice or you can call it Eggnog, mulled wine.
New “Skill”:  DEVASTATING BEAUTY Opponent takes Will test to attack.  If fails -1 penalty
New Weapons
Festive Gren(2) Range: 1”-18”   FP:  1  Dam: 2 pins model, 3”Bst (all wounded turn into static gingerbread men of no combat value bur excellent flavour)
Snow Bombs (2) Range: 1”-18”   Creates a row of Snowmen across SBT blocks LOS and all within SBT takes pin marker. 
Snow Blaster FP 4 Range 18” Dam +3 or may be used 3 times with flame template all under template FP2 Dam 1 (all wounded turn into static gingerbread men of no combat value bur excellent flavour)
Yule Log Projector: range 4”-48” FP Dam 2/model SBT – Atk FP1 Dam 2 (all wounded turn into static gingerbread men of no combat value but excellent flavour)  (5 Rounds of Ammo)

Jack Frost's base at the False North Pole -

Santa's Crew
Rudolph's Reindeer Team

Jack Frost and Icy the Yeti outside the Christmas Pudding Store with the stolen Santa Sleigh inside.

Two Blue Ice Ikles on guard outside the igloo with the two elves inside.

Mary Christmas scouts ahead (What a cracker.)
And finds Snow Beasts that were immediately dealt with by a Rocket Yule Log:

Meanwhile a group of Cyberian Cyclops emerges from a Cold Spot into a blizzard of festive firepower.

And Jack Frost charges Father Christmas hoping to end Christmas forever

And Father Christmas, with merry "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and several Christmas cracker jokes fells him.  It has not been determined whether it was the blows or the jokes that did the real damage.

Unfortunately on the other side Elfin Christmas triggered a "Cold Spot" and a mob of Blue Ice Ikles
Who immediately charged and wounded her
With the Frosty Forces definitely chilling the "Cold Spot" at the False North Pole activated.
But was spotted and engaged with a Yule log Rocket.  It Missed!
The second was a direct hit converting them all to Gingerbread Men!

Thee sprawling melee continued. 
The Yeti charged in wounding Mary Christmas but taking a Yule Log in the chest.  "Ho! Ho! Ho! Too much chocolate is not good for you!"

Suddenly silence reigned.  It was all wrapped up.  Then the Elves were freed from igloo and in the distance reindeer bells! Soon all 9 reindeer were harnessed and the wounded helped in.  Med Kits were applied and all went home for mince pies and mulled wine.
The Ice Queen will have to wait another year!
 I wonder what happened to all the gingerbread men?  Check your biscuit tins on Christmas Day, you might just get a surprise!


Zona Alfa Intro and Terrain

The Crossroads

A walk through Tiddybar Woods

A Visit to the Oraks Factory

The Research Station

ZONA SANTA - a Christmas Game