Zona Alfa

A Walk in Tiddybar Woods

 A game played on Zoom during lockdown

Well you all did OK that time.  Those rotten zombies and dogs nearly got you Harlyn, so make sure your pockets are empty of dog biscuits this time.  The other zombies were coming in fast so we grabbed a haversack and that mouldy old case from the Panhard and a couple of French Assault Rifles.  Turns out we did well besides the guns and ammo.  The laptop was, apparently, in good order and worth a lot but the docs in the case were pretty mucked up.  I saw a couple of sheets marked with red stickers and kept them.  They were in French, of course but I made out that there is a big secret stash over by Mireton in one of Oraks Corporation Labs.  The docs mention a “Carte-clé” – That’s keycard to the uneducated. 

So we have to get a keycard to get in.  Uncle Tommy, yep, the Legendary Uncle Tommy, told me that a thug called Rial Badyin down from Glasgow has it.  He was fed up being a nobody in the Bar-L Toi gang so he came here to make a name for himself.  He plundered the Panhard the night before we got there.  Uncle Tommy says the word is that he is hiding out in Tiddybar Woods and has a gang of “Glesga Keelies” with him. 

We’ll go for a walk in the woods tomorrow, same teams, same plan as last time one from the east and one from the west down the track.  We Go in hard and fast.

The layout

The gang (not very hidden) hideout:

Both groups decided to deal with the hot spots first and then move in on the gang.  This sacrificed the element of surprise but would probably prevent a rear attack from any Zone Hostiles that might be there.
Zayne, leader of Team Bravo, moved up to deal with the hotspot, lobbed a bolt and spotted 4 giant rats .  "I hate rats, Harlyn, you got any rat food?," crackled over the personal radio net.
"Ha ha, funny guy!" came the response.
"They probably hate you," came the reply. What are they doing?"
"Nothing," answered Zayne, "They're all dead." 
He blew the smoke from his suppressed SMG.  He then rejoined his team.

On the other side Rookie Slim enthusiastically moved ahead of the team and spotted the hot spot.
His bolt toss failed to go anywhere near it.  Edan was more successful and spotted yet more giant rats.  With Team Bravo in a good position he lobbed a grenade that landed directly on target killing 3 rats and suppressing the survivor.

The blast also drew the attention of Rial Badyin and his gang away from their approaching doom.

Suddenly all hell broke loose from both teams and despite a spirited resistance all the gangsters except one were soon eliminated.
Rial Badyin was one of the first target of Karilla who made no mistake.  He died without knowing what hit him.

The one remaining gangster traded shots rather ineffectually on both sides until Karilla got him in her sights.  A shot rang out an a hi scored.  The gangster needed to score a 1 on a d10 to survive.  And ...

Her second shot nailed him. 

Rookie Harlyn, dealt with the last gangster at close quarters after his rifle jammed. 

Edan triggered the mission objective and found an anomaly. 
Luckily he did not trigger any adverse reaction.  It was now turn 6 and the team had achieved its objective.  All gangsters dead, all Zone Hostiles eliminated and no team members even scratched.  Loot included 5 assault rifles, ammunitions, loot and a significantly strange and probably valuable thing from the anomaly.  A lucky and very profitable day indeed. Things are looking up for the next mission.


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