Zona Alfa - Delta Zone

Visit to Oraks Factory

A game played in the Covid-19 Lockdown

“Well that meeting went well!  We have a new mission for which we will be paid handsomely,” Edan looked round the faces of his team. 

Zayne looked at him and interrupted him, “Paid handsomely, eh? That usually means a high chance of getting killed and a probability of a double cross at the end!” 

“Usually, that is true.  But this time it’s a proper contract with military support.  And we have an advance payment!”  The others mumbled.  “In the Yellow Zone there is a research station that has stopped sending reports.  They were gathering information on a new kind of mutant that they had captured.  Their last message was that their work was progressing well but their searches were meeting increasing opposition from bandits.  Their vehicle had not returned from its last run.  So they want us to go in and see what has happened.”

“Why don’t they send in an army team?  It’s a Government project,” asked Gayge. 

“It is not that simple.  Never is.  The army are already moving in with a convoy but they are not trusted by our employer to be careful enough.  Our last three successful runs have made quite an impression … And so I got a good fee.  SIX THOUSAND Credits – three now, three on completion plus any salvage is ours.  All we have to do is get in, meet the research team and secure the mutant until the convoy with the scientists gets there.  They expect to get there with a truck and private security detachment.”

“So let me get this straight,” interjected Zayne, “We go for a walk through the Blue Zone, into the Yellow Zone and babysit some researchers until the science cavalry get there.  Is that it.”

“In essence, yes.”

“Piece of cake then.” Smiled Zayne.  “All done by day after tomorrow, home in time for tea and medals.  Except no tea and no medals!  Just beer and parties! What could go wrong in the Yellow Zone?” 

“Okay, suits and boots in half an hour.”

The march through the Blue Zone followed a familiar route and was almost uneventful.  And so split into their usual teams, they came to the edge of town. 
The right flank ran immediately into an ambush (they triggered a Point of Interest card)  A shout of "Look out.  Hostiles was drowned by shotgun blasts from the ruin." 
Zayne fired back and his LMG jammed.  Soon it was over.  All three bandits paid the price for opening fire right away and not waiting to short range. 

At the same time on the other flank a swarm of zombies appeared and shambled forward.  "Hah! They're mine!" yhttp://leadadventureforum.com/Smileys/frankenstein/wink.gifelled Zaxary clicking of the safety and opening fire.  One burst then ... "Damn and Blast - Jammed!"

The zombies closed in and a desperate hand to hand struggle took place.  Edan fired his pistol.  Click - it jammed. The zombie slashed and wounded him while Zaxary dropped his. 
By the time the fight was over and all three zombies dispatched, Harlyn was down and Zaxary applied a med kit while Edan bound up his own wound and took an autoject to prevent infection.
"Jizuz wept that was tough.  Those Zeds are hard," muttered Zaxary as he cleared his jammed LMG. 

On the far side Zayne's eyes lit up as he rounded the corner.  "Well I never ... Three motor bikes and in running order!"
Karilla came up behind him and poked him bringing him back to reality.  "the panniers look well filled too!  While you've been goggling like a schoolboy we've picked up 3 shotguns and 3 pistols and some ammo." 

Scouting ahead Harlyn spots a bandit at the research station.  He hand signals back, then changes it, 2 hostiles.
He moves to get a better view and triggers a Point of Interest
Everyone rushes into cover as the squall hammers down.

Edan's team took cover in an unoccupied building while Zayne's team was split between the cab of a pickup (they are shown in the back for convenience)  and a ruin that only just offered shelter.

The mutant seemed to love the rain.  It was prancing and "singing" to Karilla as she approached after the rain.

Slim scouted ahead after the rain looking for a way in to the research compound and triggered a swarm of giant rats.   
As he had used his action he called for help.
Hearing his call Gayge standing in to of the pickup switch his aim from the bandits to the rats and fired off a 40mm grenade.  The rats not killed were pinned in place and a second grenade wiped them out.
The threat dealt with a firefight developed with the bandits occupying the research station.  "Time is running out - Clear the bandits. LMGs covering fire rest get in there. Now!" Edan yelled across the radio net.  After fierce short range gun battle all went quiet and the teams converged.
A near miss pinned Edan for an action but did not save the bandits who were wiped out.
A check of the area yielded 2 Assault Rifles, 3 more shotguns, grenades and supplies.  But no sign of the scientists, their computers, files or their escort.  And nobody left alive to ask. 

The next move (the 7th) the convoy arrived.  Naturally the Employer was somewhat dismayed that the scientists and their research were missing but very pleased to load up the shackled mutant.  Slim and Harlyn were assigned to guard it until pay day.
At the rear of the convoy Edan, Zayne and Karilla mounted the motorbikes to ride escort.  At least that is what they said.

A very profitable venture though a lot of ammunition and med kits were expended. 

But where are the missing scientists and their research?


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