Scene 3 Medieval Town scene

Dolls house random stone paper is used as cobbled ground. Apart from that, only the fountain and figures are not scratch built. The underneath of the playerís stage is painted as a swimming pool. The scalloped edges of the market stalls are cut with prinking shears. The grandstand has alternative roofs and front frills to suit other uses. The house with the pink surrounds has a red roof made from doweling rods. This was an expensive and not too successful attempt to imitate Mediterranean style tubular tiles. The building with external steps and the shop beside it, were built to make use of left over roofs from the Airfix Waterloo Farm set. (The walls having been used to make up ruins.) The camera flash reveals that some of the buildings have open cut windows whilst others are painted. In most buildings windows would have only shutters. The tower of the church is a separate piece, which also has the option of an Eastern Orthodox gilded onion dome roof. The two insulae or apartment blocks have slightly differing heights and shades of mud daub walls. The building with the arched window has done service as a Friary, a Council Chamber and a 1930ís church hall. 

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