Scenery for Wargaming and Role Playing

By Slim Mumford

How Do I make a Wild West Town?

This was an ambitious project, as I wanted to be able to open up the story buildings to place figures at need. I also felt that it was worth using transparent plastic in the windows, an ideal that required a lot of time. When setting out on such a project I first look at such references as I have for the type of building required. Then I look at the buildings I have most close to the type to absorb any lessons learnt from the past. Mainly what can be omitted for speed of production! In this case I wanted wooden two story buildings roughly three inches by four. Starting with a large sheet of picture backing card I decided on

Materials: stout, fine and cereal packet cardboard, glue, transparent plastic (from various packagings)

Tools: Craft knives, pencils, rulers, paints, brushes, glue. 

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Scene 7 Castles & Town fortifications

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How do I make a basic small town house (100mm x 50mm x 75mm high)

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