Scene 1 Countryside Samples

 Full area. One inch contour Polystyrene hill with a hollow in it. Rocky crags made from four-inch polystyrene sheets. A waterfall and two natural caves are present. Painted road track and path in six inch sections. Also Dolls House Random stone road sections. Corduroy and painted ploughed fields. Floor tile standing cornfield and a painted field of bought corn stooks. One standing stone on a Milliput base in long grass represented by green towelling. Four heather-twig dead trees. Bushes of Lichen and rubberised horsehair. A green cloth marsh with fish grass reeds. There are also two patches of cut paper clumps of rushes. On the left is a flat painted three inch wide river whilst on the right is a stream with a ford and built up banks. The waterfall flows down via two brooks into a painted pond.  

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Scene 2 Dark Ages & Medieval Village buildings

Scene 3 Medieval Town scene

Scene 4 Medieval City Buildings

Scene 5 Temples and Eastern Buildings

Scene 6 Half Timbered Buildings & Palisade defences

Scene 7 Castles & Town fortifications

How do I make castles and stone town fortifications?

How do I make a basic small town house (100mm x 50mm x 75mm high)

How do I make a batch of Wild West town houses

How do I make a Cathedral?

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