I have liked the stories of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of The Rings" by JRR Tolkein ever since I read them in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  My interest was rekindled a few years ago when the "Battle Games in Middle Earth" magazine came out.  Each issue had a metal figure, plastic figures, terrain or paints so I put away in a box as a retirement project. 

 In 2015 our oldest grandson, Callum, (then 8) and I were in Edinburgh for a day out at the Festival when we passed the "Warhammer" shop.  I the window was a very impressive display of models from "The Hobbit" film.  We had watched it so we went in.  The assistants there were very helpful and let us play a game of "The Hobbit - Escape from Goblin Town".  We both enjoyed it.  So Grandad bought it - Callum promised that he would pay some of it because he had his birthday money.  I never saw the cash (he takes after his mother).  But we have had great fun painting, building and playing games. 

Soon I dug out the box from the attic and I started on the main Lord of the Rings Armies for Callum and Grandad to play games in Middle Earth.   I am fairly sure that I still have some of the really old Minifigs figures in a box in the attic.  Callum has seen the films on DVD and likes them (the battles mainly). 

Anyway, I have started out on my long delayed Lord of the Rings project only to find that most of the figures are no longer made so my box of figures has been reinforced by several purchases and swops for second hand figures.  We painted up enough for a few trial games.

In this section will be some of our games and our armies.

The Fighting Uruk Hai

The Army of Gondor

The Evil Horde of Mordor

The War Host of Rohan

The War Host of Orridenri (based on the TV Cartoon Horrid Henry)

Our first game (Mordor and Gondor) - The First Battle at the White Gate

Our second game (Mordor and Gondor) - The Second Battle at the White Gate

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