Gondor and Minas tiriTH

To fight our Uruk Hai the army of Gondor is mustered.

The main army deployed for action:

Gondor Knights on the right wing, those in front have shields and in front of each rider is his dismounted equivalent.

Centre Infantry

The left wing with the knights of Dol Amroth


 Artillery Support - Callum "needed" a trebuchet so I had to make one from strips of hardwood - actually sticks from fired Guy Fawkes rocket fireworks picked up last November and coffee stirrers.  Crew from a bundle bought on ebay.  It actually works!

He also needed a ballista (from ebay)

Blackroot Vale archers - Callum wanted these for their special abilities so I had to make them from left over Perry, Frostgrave etc plastics

I needed lots of cloaks so I used the tin foil from Kenco MIllicano coffee.  The shape was made by pressing a plastic cloak into the foil as a former and then cutting it out.

I have more to convert and paint!

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