Isengard - The Fighting Uruk Hai

The Uruk Hai form the core of Saruman's Army of Isengard. 

The Command - Saruman, Ugluk, Lurtz and Gorbag amongst others - these are all metal figures (some duplicates and a couple of conversions:

The Core of the army lies in 3 warbands of Pikemen - note that there are no figures with levelled pikes (more on that later)

The Pike command - all converted plastic figures, the captain has a metal head from the sprue of parts from the magazine, an old Citadel Chaos shield and the drum is the top part of a Biro pen cap and his drumsticks are pins with a blob of superglue on the end.


The main support troops are the swordsmen:

Crossbowmen make up the missile troops and these were hard and very expensive.  So I decided on conversions, the first warband was made from the pikemen with levelled pikes and Gripping Beast metal crossbows, the second warband again used more pikemen with levelled pikes and various crossbow arms from plastic medieval figures bought on the internet.  The pikemen with levelled pikes were chosen because they were easier to convert.

Out in front of the army are the Scouts

And last but not least - the Sappers.

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