The War Host of the Riddermark of Rohan

The War Host was made up from the figures that came with the magazine "Battle Games in Middle Earth" from many years ago and some purchases of second hand figures.  Some of the figures were broken or missing parts.  So repairs and conversions were the order of the day.    

For our King Theoden we had two foot figures and no mounted Theoden.  Unfortunately a "proper" mounted Theoden was beyond Grandad's pocket money so Grandad converted one into a mounted figure.  He cut the figure off at the waist and also a plastic rider. In the spare bits box was a wolf-skin cloak and this was added. The left over bits became an Archer Unit's Captain. To make the horse different a caparison made from Kenco coffee tin foil was added.  Erkenbrand is a converted plastic rider with an arm change and a plume added.  The royal standard bearer is a metal guardsman. 

Eomer on foot and mounted are exactly as they were on the magazine.  His pennant bearer is a plastic rider with a metal lance and paper pennant.

For Eowyn again we had two on foot so one was converted into a mounted version.  Much later I got a broken one piece casting at a wargame show that looks like Eowyn.  The figure was lacking an arm so I added one from a plastic medieval figure.  I am not sure the spear armed one actually is Eowyn but it is close enough.

Eomer's Eored (household squadron) famously rode on "pale horses".  The figures are all plastic with  afew head and weapon swops for variety.

Erkenbrand's Eored, "The Red Shields".  The flag is actually that of Hanover but it looks fine as his banner.

The cavalry is completed (for now) by 2 Eodred of Riders.  Again some have been converted.

To distinguish the Captain of this Eodred he was given a heater shield after the "carpet monster" ate his shield,
In the books the army of Rohan had roughly equal amounts of foot and horse so our army has four warbands of infantry.  The captains are conversions.

To command the army and give a few options for wargames various characters were added and pennant bearers converted as were the two archers. 

The left Wing of the army and at the rear is a small unit of spearmen led by Eowyn - not really true to the books.  If you look closely both our versions of Eowyn are there!

The Right wing of the army

The Centre

The whole army (just now)

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