British Operations In darfur 1916

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Darfur Scenario 2:  Beringia


Situation:  22 May 1916.  The Sultan, Ali Dinar, has sided with the Ottoman Turks and so is in open rebellion against the Governor of Sudan.  He is assembling his main forcesat his capital, el Fasher in Darfur.  A British led column, the western or Darfur Field Force has been despatched to deal with this threat.   The Sultanís forces have been withdrawing in front of the British for days skirmishing to buy time for the main army to assemble.  The British led column is moving on El Fasher by way of the Wells at Mellit and the village of Beringia.


Ground:  The ground is undulating with a few ridges and wadis.  In the centre is the village of Beringia and a track of sorts leads from the table edge to the village.   There are a few trees and a well at the village.


British Forces:  Named characters count as staff commanders.

Col Kelly, escort & HQ flag; 3 staff  officers, each with escort; 2 Companies  XIIIth Sudanese; 1 Company XIVth Sudanese ; 1 Company IVth EgyptianĖ; 1 Company Arab Battalion (baggage escort); A Battery 2 Mountain guns; No2 Battery 2 Mountain guns; 5 Maxims; Medical and Departmental detachments; 36 x baggage camels and drivers in three companies.

Maj Huddlestone; Camel Corps Ė 3 Companies; Mounted Infantry Ė 1 Company


British Mission: to march off the south edge of the field with sufficient forces to capture El Fasher.


Execution:  The troops enter along the track on the north edge of the table in marching Open Square formation and halt for midday rest.  You may deploy cavalry and/or camelry vedettes.  Only 25% of each infantry unit is alert while stationary.  They take one turn to form before doing anything.  The baggage camels are essential if you lose 50% of them the column must retire.


Sultanís Forces:   Main Force: 2 command figures, 2 banners, 3 bands of cavalry or camelry, 7 bands of spear armed foot, 2 bands of rifle armed foot.  Reserve: 1 command figure, 2 bands of cavalry or camelry, 3 bands of spear armed foot, 1 band of rifle armed foot. 


Sultanís Mission:  to stop the British from reaching El Fasher by inflicting heavy casualties (50%) on the fighting elements or destroying 75% of the baggage camels. 


Execution:  The infantry may be dug in or in fortified houses.  Any troops occupying the wadis and entrenchments or concealed  must be marked on the map.  Your troops (except cavalry and camelry) may be in the entrenched wadis and you may give the front line riflemen strong stone works.  The reserve is also in wadis.


Playing the game:

          Set up the playing area as shown.

         The Sultanís forces write their plan and mark the  location of their concealed troops on their map

         The British write their plan and order of arrival then deploy their forces.

         The Sultanís forces then deploy any of their forces in sight of the British.


Special Rules:

         When the British are within 18Ē of the Sultanís forces those within sight roll d6 needing 5 or 6 not to charge.


Winning the game:


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