British Operations In darfur 1916

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Darfur Scenario 1:  The Wells


Situation:  18 May 1916.  The Sultan, Ali Dinar, has sided with the Ottoman Turks and so is in open rebellion against the Governor of Sudan.  He is assembling his forces at his capital, el Fasher in Darfur.  A British led column, the western or Darfur Field Force has been despatched to deal with this threat. 


The Sultanís forces have been withdrawing in front of the British for two days skirmishing to buy time for the main army to assemble.  The Wells are vital to both sides The British need the water to continue their advance otherwise the column will fail its objective while the Sultanís forces need the water to mount any sort of a counter attack and also they need to deny the water to the British column thus forcing them back.


Ground:  The wells lie in a small cluster of buildings that are largely ruined.  Around the buildings are a few trees and bushes.  These desert water-holes have small openings about two feet square to prevent sand falling in and the water lies at considerable depths.  The water is drawn up in a skin bladder on the end of a long thin rope and it takes considerable skill to bring up sufficient water to sustain the men and animals in a column. 


The ground around the Wells is undulating desert with stony outcrops and occasional patches of soft sand.


British Forces:  2 Command figures, 2 companies of the Camel Corps, 1 company of  mounted infantry, 1 mule carried Maxim gun platoon, 1 supply camel company carrying water, rations and ammunition, 1 DH2 biplane


British Mission: to capture and hold the Wells.


Execution:  The Camel troops may enter from the east end of the table while the mule and pony mounted troops may enter behind them or at any point within 24Ē of the north eastern corner.  This order is to be written before the British player sees the table!  The graveyard is regarded as Holy Ground.


Sultanís Forces:  2 command figures, 1 banner, 2 bands of cavalry or camelry, 3 bands of foot (mainly spears and a few rifles), women, baggage, flocks and herds.


Sultanís Mission:  to hold the Wells.  It is not permitted to destroy or foul the water.  . 


Execution:  The infantry may be dug in or in fortified houses.  Any troops occupying positions or houses must be marked on the map.  You may not occupy the graveyard.


Playing the game:

          Set up the playing area as shown.

         The British write their plan and order of arrival.

         The Sultanís forces write the location of any concealed troops and then deploy their forces.

         When the British are spotted the Sultanís forces may react the following turn.


Special Rules:


Winning the game:






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