Battle at Skull cave



Callum had bought some Woses a few weeks ago and wanted to try them out against some goblins.  So we put together two 300 points armies for Lord of the Rings Battle Games.

The Goodies must rescue the hobbit prisoner:
Ghan-Buri-Gan with 12 Woses, Duinhur with 12 Blackroot Vale Archers and Oakbody the Ent.

The Baddies must get the prisoner into Skull Cave:
Lurtz with 12 Uruk Hai Scouts with bows and an independent Scout with the "burden" (a hobbit) and The Goblin Town King with 12 goblins.

 Special Rule:  The Goodies numbered off each stand of trees from 1 to 6 and secretly wrote down the number where Oakbody was concealed.  As soon as a Baddie was within 9" or a Goodie was within his zone of control then Oakbody was activated.  He does not have to do anything and his model replaces the tree in the phase of any turn after he is activated when he does something.  He is always placed on the table if a figure (either side) enters his zone of control.

The Uruk Hai start in the corner opposite Skull Cave (bottom right).  The Woses start in the corner (top right).  After movement each turn each side rolls a d6 on a 5 or 6 reinforcements arrive.  Goodies get the Blackroot Vale archers on a long table edge (1-3 right; 4-6 left) and the Baddies get the Goblin King and his Goblins surging from Skull Cave.

Ghan-Buri-Gan and his Woses (painted mostly by Callum with warpaint added by Grandad).

Skull Cave and the Goblins

Lurtz and his Uruk Hai Scouts

The game started with both sides closing to bow and blowpipe range.  Almost right away Grandad threw a 6 and the Goblin King charged out of Skull Cave.  Seeing the Woses he shouted, "Charge!" and then imagine his horror as Callum revealed the piece of paper that showed a "5".  The crafty chap had placed Oakbody in the trees just outside the cave and the Goblin warband came within 9" of him.   With a roar of "Gerrintaerum!" he charged.  The Woses let fly with a volley of darts wounding the Goblin King and killing two goblins.

Battle is joined but the Blackroot Vale archers are nowhere to be seen (Callum rolled a 2)

Just as it looked like Grandad was winning the Blackroot Vale archers arrived on the right hand table edge and immediately advanced into bow range.

Then to make matters worse Oakbody kills the Goblin King and the Woses start wiping out the goblins.  These chaps really are good!

And then - disaster!  Lurtz is killed by some excellent shooting by Duinhur.  Now Grandad really was in trouble.  No Captains and half his army is dead - the Woses have killed every goblin.

The Goodies close in as the independent Uruk Hai Scout tries to run past the flank. 

The two surviving Uruk Hai Scouts and the independent are surrounded by a vastly superior force of the enemy. 

The two surviving Uruk Hai Scouts and the independent miraculously drive back the enemy.  Grandad's last bit of luck.

A move later and only the independent is left.

But not for long.

A resounding victory for the Goodies mainly due to the skillful placement of Oakbody right outside Skull Cave so that he was in action almost immediately.


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