Games with Grandad

On these pages you will find all sorts of light hearted and fun games.  Some of which have "rules" but many do not.

 They are played for fun and use whatever the players want to use.  Here you will find planes, ships, tanks, Army Men, toy cars, trains, pirates and of course DINOSAURS!  The players are usually Grandad and one or more grandchildren.  Grandad's army does not win these games.

 So on to the games: 

Thomas the Tank Engine and the Invasion of the Isle of Sodor

Lord of the Rings - First Battle at the White Gate

Lord of the Rings - Second Battle at the White Gate

The Hobbit - Goblin Town, Rescue Bilbo

The Hobbit - Goblin Town Terrain Pieces

The Hobbit - Recover Our Stolen Weapons

NEW  Lord of the Rings - Battle at Skull Cave

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