Morgana and the Damsels in distress

A might have happened action from 'Exiled!'

The Adventures of Morgana Vol I

Background Situation (As issued to public participation game players.)

You are Lady Morgana, now due to force of circumstances a lady errant! Your father and brother having been murdered, you are now heiress to considerable estates. Unfortunately your father's brothers hatched a plot to seize these. They killed your brother Arthur, when he tried to stop your Aunt Lady Abigail from being taken off to be burnt for witchcraft. You were to be either burnt or forced to become a nun. With your menie, you have rescued Aunt Abigail and killed two of the wicked Uncles. These operations have caused the following writs to be proclaimed against you:


The Lady Morgana Lefey, is hereby ordered to present herself for trial with her menie, for the unlawful killing of four servants of the late

Captain of Charles, Sir Phanuel Lefey. The said Lady is also accused of using a bladed weapon in excess of three hands in length. The trial to be held at the Citadel, Charles, on the first day of the third Moon 706ATN. If she fails to attend, she and her menie shall be declared Outlaw.

                                                By Order     Basylt Devisage,                                                                               Grand Duke of Bara

 Church of Eru Ordinance

Wanted, dead or alive, the miscreants: Sir Richard Nogent, Lady Abigail Clove, Lady Morgana Lefey, a number of demons in their control, including one of dwarf stature. For murders most foul, witchcraft, theft and sacrilege. Also the escaped fugitives: Miss Edie a witch, Miss Vanova a witch and Miss Louise Berde under suspicion of witchcraft.

                                                                                                Decreed by

                                                                                Innocent, Bishop of Charles

You have had years of sword fencing practise and killed both Sir Congal and Sir Phanuel in fair fight. You have some magic powers and your sword, chalice and gown are enchanted. Kindly Lady Abigail is indeed a white witch. The rest of your party have more humdrum abilities. They comprise Sir Richard Nogent, Lady Abigail Clove, Sergeant Hrolf, Arbalister Bergand, the Dwarf Locksmith Minut son of Moltin, Tonaldo the minstrel and Mistress Cherry your abigail. (An abigail is a lady's maid) 

You had been hiding in the Bois de Proscit forest but the authorities had tracked you there. Now you wish to escape across the broad river Arwyn, to friendly Stetia. Don Incio a Stetian knight, has gone to collect two ships, capable of taking your party with all its mounts across the river. You hope he will bring them to the village of Minbec tonight. Minbec will have received the above writs, so you intended to delay entering it, until Don Incio brings his vessels. You have to make the decisions, as most of your party are bound to you by an elixir of devotion, given from your Vinkalik magic chalice.

Today's Problem (It is Marketday 27th Second Moon 706 ATN)

Around the eleventh hour, you were bringing the rest of your party to hide in this small wood, when the servant woman Peurise rode up to you. "Milady Morgana, pray will you send your men to rescue my mistress? The Narchadians have taken the village! They captured me and Lady Eglantine! Their Leader is sending me to Sir Edouard, to demand a 1000 Gilden Pezzi Ransom for her! Plus monies for Lady Lys and any of the commoners they also hold prisoner? Unless I am back with the money before nightfall, they will take her and the villagers off to slavery!" You know Lady Eglantine Condamet is a harmless (even insipid) damsel of 17 years. Sir Edouard is her infirm grandfather, who lives in a fortified manor two hours ride distant. You immediately realise that it is your bounden duty as a lady errant, to rescue Eglantine (Your party has only around 350 Gilden Pezzi between it) Sir Richard Nogent says, "Minbec should have been guarded by Sir Geraint Morse, he is the Customs officer there. Lady Lys is his wife. Likely he and his men have been taken by surprise. Many of the villagers will have gone to the market at Arlo today. Coming here I sighted but one tall mast at the quay. Perhaps not more than twenty raiders therefore for us to deal with?"

You must best further question Peurise regarding the village situation?

You know that the unicorns are capable, if well ridden of jumping the palisade fence. 

Morgana's Menie

Lady Morgana Lefey                Mounted on Harold a blue unicorn

Leader Mo 6", Fa 6/12, TR +4, SR +3, D-4, C-3, W-2, Ob 1.0" Me +2 +1 = +3 (Mounted +2) M sword Strike +2.

Vinkalik parry 7+ strength 6.  Charm CI 1 MPU's 2 per move, max 12.

Harold will attack any creature you point at on the Command "Deer!"

Harold (unicorn) Mo 10", (free 11") Fa 7/14, TR +3, SR 0 D-6, C -5, W -4. Ob 2.1"

Me +3-1 = +2 Horn or hooves Strike +1, Hooves breaching -2. BCC 5

Imbued with the chivalric ideals of 'The Twelve Doughty Knights of Renown' you lead this party. You are unarmoured but when your gown Shimmers (D10 3+), Dice each move it reverts on 0) it distracts opponents (Me -1). You have the magic sword Taglier (Me +1 & St +2). You have the Vinkalik magic chalice which you use as a buckler (Parry 7+ strength 6).  Currently it is producing Ruego sweet white wine. A once a day command (D6 Mystic Dice 3+) could drug this for sleep or poisoning.  You speak Simnith and Edin and write the Tengthin alphabet.

Spells not needing Vinkalik talisman Shimmer, Cling, Stranger Sensing,

Spells needing Vinkalik, Inflict Revulsion, Smoke Screen, Strike Dumb & Reversal, Inflict Vertigo. Control Palantyte.

Sir Richard Nogent                   Mounted on Melonda a veteran Rouncey

Off, Mo 5", Fa 5/10, TR 3, SR 1, D-6, C-5, W-4, Ob 1.0"    sword Me +2 +0 = +2 strike 0. Mounted +2 -2 +2 = +2, +3 1st Rd lance strike +1Shield parry 6+, missile 6+ strength 4. Usually drops lance after 1st rd.  Threats Coercion TC 1.       Expert Sailor.

Speaks Simnith, Edin and Kharsh (P) Writes the Tengthin alphabet

Melonda Mo 10" (Free 12") Fa 6/12, TR 0, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -3. Ob 1.2" Me -1 -2 = -3 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked. BCC 5"

You have spent most of your life patrolling on or beside the River Arwyn.  A great admirer of her father Sir Daffyd, you are determined to assist Lady Morgana in her present troubles. You know all the river smugglers haunts.

Lady Abigail Clove                      Mounted on Hilda a Blue Unicorn

Off, Mo 5", Fa 4/8, TR 1, SR +5, D-4, C-3, W-2, Ob 0.6" Me -2 -1 = -3 dagger strike 0.

Charm Influence CI .1Expert healer and herbalist. +3, plants +1 substances. 

Speaks Simnith, Quenith, Edin (P) and Kharsh languages.  Writes the Tengthin, Lerumint and Rune alphabets.

Hilda will attack any creature you point at on the Command "Deer!"

Hilda (unicorn) Mo 10", (free 11") Fa 7/14, TR +2, SR 0 D-6, C -5, W -4. Ob 2.1" Me +3-1 = +2 Horn or hooves Strike +1, Hooves breaching -2. BCC 5"

Mpu's (Magic power units) 4 per move maximum 12.

Spells Control Palantyte, Air Blasts, Magic Bolts, Wood Crumble, Double Crop, Blight Crop.

Following the loss of your husband twenty years ago you have tended your herb garden at St.Visseille as Chatelaine. As part of the plot to kill Squire Arthur Lefey you were arrested for witchcraft until rescued by your Niece Morgana. You are determined to help her all you can.  You carry the Cobret a palantyte ball that can be used to heat or cool liquids.

Sergeant Hrolf                    Mounted on Hart a Rouncey

Ind, Mo 6", Fa 5/10, TR 2, SR 1, D-6, C-5, W-4, Ob 1.0"    sword Me +3 +0 = +3 strike 0. Mounted +3 +0 +2 = +5, Has 3 Wasp Pots, 5+ 3" strike -7, burst on 3+ noxious smoke for AvD +4 Moves, D10 for any in 3" diameter area, Beasts +2, Gale +4, Strong wind +2 = 8 OK, 5+ Gasping Me -1, 2+ Nausea Demoralised Me-2 Mishts -2, 1- Vomit Dazed Me -4 no firing moves halved. To improve, D6 5+ a degree.  Threats Coercion TC 2.  +1 to spot woodland traps.                .

Speaks Simnith, and Edin

Hart Mo 10" (Free 12") Fa 6/12, TR -1, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -3. Ob 1.2" Me -1 -2 = -3 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked. BCC 5"

You have served the Lefey family for 25 years and taught Morgana to fence. With her father away most of the time you acted as Steward at Closin Manor. Your wife there is Margery the cook and you have two children.

Arbalister Bergand                                Mounted on Rowena a Rouncey

Fol, Mo 6", Fa 6/12, TR 1, SR 0, D-5, C-4, W-3, Ob 1.4" sword Me +1 +0 = +1 strike 0. Mounted +1 +0 +2 = +3, Crossbow 16 Quarrels, 5" 4+, 10" 5+, 15" 6+, 20" 7+, strike -4

Tracker +2 tracking, +2 to spot woodland traps.

Speaks Simnith, and Edin

Rowena Mo 10" (Free 12") Fa 6/12, TR -1, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -3. Ob 1.2" Me -1 -2 = -3 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked. BCC 5"

You have served with Sir Richard for many years on the river patrol.  With him you are eager to follow Morgana. You hope she will lead you to some loot to quieten your acid tongued wife Jeta. 

Minut Son of Moltin A dwarf Locksmith from Varadh Mount Pony Eilan

Ind, Mo 5", Fa 5/10, TR 2, SR 3, D-6, C-5, W-4, Ob 0.8"    sledgehammer Me +1 -2 = -1 strike +4. Mounted +1 -2 +2 = +1, Breach 0 (Dagger Me +1 -1 = 0 strike 0 thrown, 5" 6+ strike -2)  Target parry, Missile 7+ strength 3. (Target actually a tool container) +1 to spot woodland and +2 to spot building traps.  Picks locks 1st move 5+, 2nd 6+, 3rd 7+, 4th 8+, 5th 9, Jewellery expert 

Speaks Dwarvish, Simnith, and Kharsh. Writes Runes.

Eilan Mo 8" (Free 10") Fa 6/12, TR -1, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -3. Ob 0.8"

Me -2 -2 = -4 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked. BCC 4"

A dwarf with a sense of humour, you have been exiled from Varadh for one prank too many. Lady Morgana had bribed you with a gold necklace to join her party. You find yourself unexpectedly filled with a desire to help her? At least you may have a chance to add to your book of human jokes! 

Tonaldo the Minstrel  Stetian of uncertain parentage. Rouncey Siren

Ind, Mo 6", Fa 6/12, TR 2, SR 1, D-4, C-3, W-2, Ob 1.4" sword Me +2 +0 = +2 strike 0. Mounted +2 +0 +2 = +4, Charm CI Females +2 Music Charming within 6"= 7+ enthralled 8+ To escape, 2+ bearable, 1- hate it leave if possible!

Speaks Simnith and Edin Writes Tengthin.

Siren Mo 10" (Free 12") Fa 6/12, TR -1, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -3. Ob 1.2"  Me -1 -2 = -3 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked. BCC 5"

You have served the Juanta of Stetia as an agent for years, wandering around playing your music and picking up information. You are the finest mandolin player in all Morval Earth! Alas that so many refuse to recognise this. You have been sent as company for the gloomy dour Don Incio, to assist the Peron Quixano's Niece, Morgana..

Mistress Cherry (Morgana's Abigail) mounted on Dobbin a hack

Ind Mo 6", Fa 5/10, TR 1, SR 0, D-5, C-4, W-3, Ob 1.4" dagger Me -1 -1 = -2 strike 0. Mounted -1 -1 +2 = 0, 3 throwing knives 4" 5+ strike -3  Charm Influence CI +2. Healer and herbalist. +2, plants +1 to spot woodland traps. Expert haggler & dressmaker.

Speaks Simnith, and Edin

Dobbin Mo 9" (Free 11") Fa 6/12, TR -2, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -3. Ob 1.2"  Me -2 -2 = -4 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked. BCC 4.5"

Spare Rouncey Jackyn Mo 10" (Free 12") Fa 6/12, TR -1, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -3. Ob 1.2", Me -1 -2 = -3 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked BCC 6"

Packass Jack Mo 8" (Free 10") Fa 6/12, TR -2, SR -2, D-4, C -3, W -2. Ob 0.8" Me -2 -2 = -4 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked

First Aid Satchel 8 bandages, 5 antiseptic salves, 3 burn slaves. 2 emetics, 2 phials Holey water.

Lady Morgana saved you from a very unpleasant fate and took you on as her abigail. Consequently you will follow her to the ends of Morval Earth!

Mistress Peurise (Lady Eglantines abigail) riding palfrey Yern

Ind Mo 5", Fa 5/10, TR -1, SR 0, D-4, C-3, W-2, Ob 1.4" knife Me -2 -1 = -3 strike -1. Mounted -2 -1 +2 = -1,

Speaks Simnith, Edin, Writes Tengthin.

Yern Mo 12" (Free 15") Fa 7/14, TR -2, SR -1, D -5, C -4, W -3 Ob 1.4

Me -2 -2 = -4 Hooves strike -1 will only fight if attacked. BCC 6"


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