Morvalistan 1940 - 1941

A Fictitious Wargames Setting 2

The Italians form the main enemy to the north of Morvalistan.   I decided upon a representative force that could be used in the North African Desert, Somaliland and East Africa as well as in Morvalistan. 


The armoured group has seven M11/39 tanks and one L3/35 Carro Commando from Frontline wargaming.  They are not the most accurate models in the world but they are inexpensive and look the part.  The camouflaged Fast Tanks, L3/33 and L3/35, are also from Frontline Wargaming and are from my Iraq 1941 collection to save on expense.

The armoured group is supported by a battalion of Bersaglieri using Caesar figures with some conversions including light machine gunners.  The machine guns and 47/32 Anti-tank guns are from the Waterloo 1815 Folgore Division Light Artillery set.  The Brixia light mortars are scratch built from plastic rod and staples.

My Blackshirts are a representative force and not an exact recreation of a Legion or Cohort and is supposed to be a Colonial rather than a Metropolitan force.  The figures are Caesar and Waterloo 1815 Italian Infantry (El Alamein) sets.  Machine guns and Brixia light mortars as for the Bersaglieri.

The Native Infantry make up the bulk of my forces.  1st Battalion Askari is made from Waterloo 1815 Anglo-Egyptian Army set, the Maxims are from a WW1 German Infantry set and the pack mules from the Waterloo 1815 Dervish Infantry set with packs from scrap plastic.  The Officer is from the Italian El Alamein set and the Bugler is from the ESCI Zulu War British set with a head swap. 

The historical 4th Battalion Askari  was quite distinctive with a lion mascot and a CO who rode on a white horse.  Such a unique unit just had to be represented in my army!  The Italian flag is from Warflag resized to suit.

Askari Brigade HQ - Commander, his mistress and some extra Battalion colours for 2nd, 3rd and 5th battalions.
He might get a loan of the Officers Mess mule from my Mad Mullah collection! Only his one will have chilled limoncello, of course.  The "mistress" is an old Atlantic Greek body grafted on to suitable legs.

The Askari infantry generally marched to war but sometimes transport was made available and so I repainted some Corgi Cameo buses (shown with Corgi original) and added some luggage onto the roof.  The buses are also used to transport casualties to the dressing stations.

Water and petrol are essential in a desert campaign.  Again Corgi Cameo tankers are ideal.  The sign on the cab is easy to remove with a saw and pliers.

These personnel trucks are fairly drastic conversions on the Corgi Cameo AEC and one of these on which they are based is shown.  I have painted the sides to represent the cutaway sections of bodywork rather than cut the metal sides.  These models have the look of Italian trucks even if they are not very accurate.

These are the same Corgi Cameo trucks made into portee vehicles for the 47/32 antitank guns.  Again the original Corgi toy is shown.

This is a Matchbox van repainted as a radio truck.

My 120/25 battery may use my scratch built tractors.  These are plastic card models using parts from the Airfix Matador and guns from odd bits, card and scrap plastic.  These tractors are likely to go to my 149/40 Battery and these ancient guns will get the steam tractors (see below).

This is the same 120/25 Battery with improvised tractors made from ERTL Thomas Tank Engine die cast toys.

Although I converted these from Corgi Cameo trucks or my Italians because they look a bit like FIAT trucks they could be used for any army.  Again the sign on the cab roof can be removed quite easily and a card floor and seats added in the load compartment.  The same vehicle without seats can be used as a potree for Breda 20mm AA guns or 47/32 antitank guns.

Introduction and British Forces

Mainly Italians

Italians, British and armoured train

More Italians, Askaris and something unusual

More Italians, Aqsopians and some Qaza'ar troops


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