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Game Rules {Simplified Morval Earth!}

Game Objective On hearing the doom bell ringing, each Queen will realise that this is her chance to become Ruler of Belmain, a wealthy and powerful Chaotic Realm. To do so she and her followers need to find the hidden Elvish Sceptre and take it and her Orb of authority, to the Regal Orb in the Great Hall. There, a successful Acceptance Spell will confirm her succession and all other persons are bound to support her. Each Queen may try to recruit followers from persons encountered. The Swartze Swestrin {Black Sisters} have ensured that each queen has a copy of the Accession Spell. They report that the Elvish Sceptre may be in one of six places. In the great chest in King Grocus’ Bed Chamber, in the great chest in the Council Chamber, hidden in the desk in the Bell Chamber, hidden in the high table in the Great Hall, hidden in the sideboard in the Great Hall or hidden in Gro Abh the Vizier’s desk in the Great Hall. It will best be detected with a Detect Magic spell. To locate manually throw a pair of Mystic Dice each move, until told it is there or it definitely is not.  {equivalent of D6 with 5+ result sure}  

Movement Move distances as on the characters card, with one free double move permitted per game, any subsequent double deducts 1 from melee & 1” accumulative from normal moves for the rest of the game. Deduct 1” for ascending stairs and 2” for a ladder or newel stair. (There are free additional double moves in the chance cards)

Recruiting Queens can try to recruit Courtiers, Commoners and Guards verbally, one per Round (2 rounds per move), D6 needing 6 for High Courtiers having followers (Morale +2) or 5+ for lower ranks (Morale 0) if not. If a 1 is thrown, the courtier will run away, or if of knightly rank will attack the queen. Otherwise the figure remains strictly neutral. On a High Courtier being recruited, D6 for each of his or her followers, 4+ they join the Queen, 3- they remain neutral. They can be recruited magically with the use of a Charm Spell, D10 + Factors needing 3+ for success. Factors: High Courtiers -1, Courtiers with magic powers -1. Failures remain neutral.     

Missiles & Magic Spells D10s thrown after moving and before melees. Missiles thrown for hits as on the card and then D10 + missile strike factor, compared with the targets Dead-Crippled-Wounded statistics. Spell results as in the Spell Table. 

Melees Two rounds of melee per move when the sides are within 1” of one another, D10 for each figure, applying melee strengths. The difference plus any weapon strike, give the effect against the loser. Then possible chance dicing for shield parries. Odds of two to one, mean the two scores and add 3. Dice for who gets the blow in with differing weapon strikes! Three to one add 5. Four to one add 6.

Morale Whenever a party has someone killed, the survivors must each throw for morale with a D10 + Factors adding their Morale value. Factors, figure wounded -1, each figure in the party already crippled or killed -1, party has removed a rival Queen +2.

Results 6+ OK, 5 stand demoralised (-2 in melee) two rounds, 4 drop hand held items & stand demoralised four rounds, 3- flee a double move or surrender. If a Queen is killed, surrenders or flees, that party is out of the game! Players at a hopeless disadvantage may surrender. Figures may need to dice for morale when a Terror Shriek Spell has been cast within 6”.

Game Start

GMs draw cards for the position of Elves Sceptre and the Vizier Gro Abh. Players draw the cards for which Queen and where she and her party start.

Chance Cards Are drawn for each player, each move outside the buildings!

Breaching D10 + implement Breaching Strike (BS) - Doors Breaching Resistance (BR) -1- failed, 0 BR reduced by 1, +1+ door breached!

Implements: 2H axe -1, axe -2, Mace -3, 2H sword -2 sword -3, 3 person table ram 0

Doors Resistance, Hall main door, can be barred BR8, Hall small doors & Palace front door have bolts BR6, Palace side doors bolts & BR5.  BR 4, Doors with locks Viziers Office & bed chamber, All Queen’s bed chambers, Kings bed chamber, Council Chamber and the cellar. All other doors BR have (unshot) bolts.      


 King Grocus Game Spells D10 used to cast spells, mostly needing 3+ to work

Acceptance Spell

The Claimant puts one hand on her orb of authority and holds the Elvish Sceptre touching the Regal Orb with the other. The Magician then recites “Queen ------- claims suzerainty over all the Realm of Belmain?” D10 thrown, 3+ the Regal Orb glows, the Doom Bell stops tolling and the Regal flame on the tower relights! 2- failed, try again! 

Once a Queen has been accepted by the Orb, her player wins and the game is over!


Blinding Flash Cast 1” in front of the Magician. D10 needing 3+, They will temporarily blind all within 4” unless warned to shut their eyes!  -4 for first round of melee, -2 for the second. 2- fail.


Charm Spell Cast within 4” of one person. D10 + Factors needing 3+ for success with the person. They then follow the Queen with a morale of + 1. Factors: High Courtiers -1, Courtiers with magic powers -1. Failures remain neutral.     


Detect Magic D10 needing 3+ for it to work. Cast within 3” of the suspect person or object. If magic is present it will reveal a purple haze around it. Used to find the sceptre.


Magic Bolt D10 needing 3+ to fire. Range 6” against one person, D10 – wound value resistance, each excess point gives one round stunned & then two rounds demoralized -2 in melee. Breaching strike +1.


Sleep Spell Range 4” D10 + Factors needing 3+ to apply, Factors: caught unawares +1

Moving 3”+ -1, Moving 6”+ -2. When asleep GM  D10 each move 9 wakes up! One move dazed (-2 in melee)


Terror Shriek D10 needing 3+ to happen. All un-warned within 6” of the caster must throw for morale. See Game Rules.


Trip Spell Range 15” D10 + Factors: figure static -2, figure double moving +2

Results 2- fails, 3 drops hand held items {1 round to pick them up}4+ falls {1 move to get back up} 6+ falls and stunning strike of D10 -4 {each excess point gives one round stunned & then two rounds demoralized -2 in melee.




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