Magnificent Machineries

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Click on picture for a bigger view Aerial Conveyances
The Steam Ornithopter.JPG (51761 bytes) The steam ornithopter. 

It is made from spare parts and bits of the plastic sprues (trees) that kit parts are moulded on to.  The engine is made from used ink cartidges. 

Edith flies.JPG (36906 bytes) Lady Edith takes to the air in the Murgatroyd "Sparrow".

This is made from bits of scrap plastic with card wings and tail.  The wheels are from a push along toy and the engine came from a broken toy motor cycle.

The Steam Dragonfly.JPG (52121 bytes) The Murgatroyd "Dragonfly".

This is again made fro scrap plastic and card.  A few bits from a broken Games Workshop vehicle picked up for pennies at a "bring and buy" sale.  The three barrelled Nordenfelt id scratch built from plastic rod, paper and a staple.  

Murgatroyd's helicopter.JPG (37339 bytes) This a genuine early helicopter built "from the box".

It is a tethered machine.  That is it was connected by cables to the ground and was designed for observation use in WW1 by the Austrians,

Murgatroyd flying by Mull.JPG (37688 bytes) Another view of the same.

It is "flying" by one of my water colour pictures of the Island of Mull.

Cheap fleet.JPG (52977 bytes) This fleet of barges and small craft were made from a bag of 4 toy boats bought for 1.99. 


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