Mars Background  


This page is under Construction

It will eventually provide wargaming support for gaming on Mars in the Victorian Era.  

The main areas will cover:

Edgar Rice Burroughs' "BARSOOM" where the Virginian, John Carter, carved fame and glory amongst the Red Martians, fought the Green Martians, rode Thoats and married Deja Thoris.

SPACE 1889, where explorers, merchants and military men explore, fight and create empires.  The liftwood flyers roam the skies, armies march over desert lands and the armies of Earth and Mars clash.

HG Wells "War of the Worlds" when the Martians invaded Earth with their tall tripod fighting machines they wreaked mayhem and destruction.  Until, that is, they were overcome by a viral infection.

Parroom Station a brilliant combination of War of the Worlds, Barsoom, Space 1889 and original work by Bob Charette into a new and exciting setting.  Very believable and supported by beautiful figures and very smart web-site.

Bug Wars in Space and on Earth from the fertile imagination of Terry Sofian.  Set in Great Britain, and occasionally elsewhere, the bug menace (copied by Starship Troopers) is fought in costly battles.  Armies of the Empire, forces from the Americas, Europe and may other nations struggle against a seemingly unstoppable foe.


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