My latest additions to the Dr Who enemies list are the SPUGS.  These insectoid creatures come from beyond the stars.  They can be bought in huge numbers from Spriggan Miniatures

You might notice that the Spugnaught is absent from my forces - It is difficult to make and fairly fragile.  At the time of photographing it had suffered some damage and is in for repair.

The Spugforce is based on the Army Offer with a few extras thrown in.  Paul at Spriggan kindly let me swap a light squad for one of the regular combat squads.

The Queen is a conversion, the basic figure is an armoured Spug with the legs bent for a more aggressive pose.  The gun is from a spare weapon pod from a Spugnaught, the head and claw is from an Omega and the wings come from the jumpers.  The "engine exhaust" is from a GW kit spare part.


Regular Combat squad - straight from the pack!  I use two of these squads in my attack force. The Light Combat Squad - I use these for recce (recon) missions.  Straight from the pack with the "scientist" type removed for other duties.  The armoured squad.  They all come with the same weapons so I converted one to carry a cannon from the Spugnaught set.  Paul says he may well make this one!
Scientists and comms drones.  These specialists join squads as necessary.  They comms Spugs may command the bug allies. Omegas lead small missions and may command the bug allies that I use. The Jump squad act as recce (recon), mobile reserve and lead in rough terrain.  Anywhere mobility and speed is important.
This Omega has a plastic toy bug ally.  This one specialises in battering through obstacles and lifting heavy weights. This Omega has two plastic toy bugs that I use as "spitters" to shower the enemy with venom or acid.  This GW Chaos figure looks the part and has been acquired to be a "Darth Vader" type warlord Spug.  Here he has the very mean black bug.
These two pictures show some metal bugs from my collection that will feature as allies of the Spugs. 

In addition I have a large number of plastic toy bugs that will also fill the ranks of cannon fodder.

Although one spider is shown I'm thinking of using the spiders (100 for 1 after last Halloween) as natural foes.

The wasps on the left may be the kind that lay eggs inside you ... but maybe they carry disease in their sting .. or ...

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