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The tax collectors

This scenario was written quickly

Governor's troops – Major Mi Su Pah

Ever since Lai Ying Lo’s rebels kidnapped Ha Pi, the daughter of the Warlord Kum Hia Nu, they have been collecting taxes from the peasants.  They have complained to the governor that they are now being taxed by the Government, two warlords and now bandits as well.  It will soon be planting season and they are refusing to plant because they will lose all their produce in taxes and still starve.  If they do not plant they will move away and there will be no taxes.  No tax – no income.  And if the Central Government finds out then the Governor’s life will end on the edge of an executioner’s sword.  Since he is your Uncle Wu Pi Doo this will affect the whole family.   

You are to track down the bandits, capture some for public execution and recover the stolen taxes. 

Warlord Tai Ni Chin’s Forces - Lai Ying Lo

The capture of Ha Pi has given the warlord more confidence but he has to keep her on the move so that spies do not find out where she is.  Just now he is concerned about collecting the taxes from the farmers along the disputed border.

You are the surviving officer of the capture expedition and as such managed to avoid execution.  This time you are out collecting taxes for the warlord and have two small detachments.  In one you have Pai Yup Nu the tax collector and his scribe, Ku Kin Buk.  The scribe cannot walk and has to be carried everywhere.  The other unwelcome addition is the gong beater, Hu Hit Dat who summons the villagers and farmers.

The Notorious Bandit - Wai Li Gai

You have been out collecting taxes.  Luckily you went round before any of the many Warlords’ troops got there.  Unfortunately they are here now!  And the area is crawling with them.  Even the Germans are here with their iron car.  You need to avoid capture and loss of the taxes.  Otherwise your bandit gang will starve over the winter.

Hauptmann Klaus Zedorr

Ever the abortive raid in which you were blamed for the casualties you have been out of favour.  Two days ago you sent out a patrol in the ford armoured car to collect the taxes.  It has not retuned and you are setting off to look for it.  The RV point set in the orders was the old Buddhist temple and you need to get there and check it first.  You are taking out the new half track in case you need to tow the armoured car back.

The Black Baroness is in the area and firing flares may attract her attention. 

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The villagers do not suspect that the troops are here to collect taxes.  However, they have their stories ready of how poor they are, how bad the harvests have been, how little money is made at market, how much the "others" have stolen and so on.  Most of the money (Moryuan) has been hidden and it will take a lot of persuasion to get it all.  
The Governor's troops led by Major Mi Su Pah quickly find out how difficult it is to persuade the wily peasants out of their hard-earned cash.  
At about the same time the redoubtable Hauptmann Klaus Zedohr makes contact with the disabled armoured car.  All it needs is some water for the cooling system and a tow out of the muck it is in.
After extricating the armoured car, the Hauptmann carries out a thorough search of the village.  Meanwhile Lai Ying Lo has freed his vehicles twice from bogging in and set off on foot to the riverside village where he expects the best picking to be found.  The Hauptmann spots him!
Firing off a couple of flares he attracts the attention of The Black Baroness.  She roars in with her twin maxims blazing.  One jams!  But she makes several passes inflicting serious casualties but sustaining a serious hit that forces her to disengage and look for a friendly aerodrome.
While all this air activity kept the attention of all sides the Notorious bandit Wai Li Gai made a bid for the relatively unguarded truck.  After an initial success he was seen and the troops exacted revenge, killing or capturing virtually all the raiders and driving the rest of his gang back into the swamp.
As the Hauptmann closes in the surviving Warlord's men escape in a sampan with some of the tax money.  The action closes with the Hauptmann the undisputed victor.  He has captured two trucks, recovered his armoured car and taken some very useful (if wounded) hostages.  The Governor is pleased too when Major Mi Su Pah presents him with the heads of 9 brigands and a considerable tax collection.  The Warlord is unhappy that he has lost the trucks but is content that Lai Ying Lo survived wounded and brought in almost all the expected tax revenue - he also damaged the Black Baroness' Fokker. 

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