Secret Reports concerning the Regicide at Naigre Manor on the 6th of the 7th Moon 702 ATN

To the most Holy Monseigneur Gerald

I Sister Chiara, with the members of the Order of St.Judas proceeded to the rendezvous near the quarry as instructed. Sir Helric Blaggart devised the ordering of the mission. Whilst the rest of the party were to approach the manor along a path through the woods, myself and a Miss Cordelia were to come on the road from the village. Miss Cordelia alas was guilty of certain foul murders but I accept that such persons, still subjects of Eru, may be used to aid his holy Church. There were some Chapmen encamped on the way but they let us pass. We then came unto the soldier at the gateway. "We have been called to treat Lady Pattipan. One of the Queens Ladies who has a sickness." I said. The soldier turned to escort us inside and Miss Cordelia slew him from behind whilst I kept him from crying out. I anointed his body with the water of ERU and hid him beside the wall. Then I gave the signal to the others with my lantern. I believe they were waiting in the cover of the wood but had already sent ahead the two thieves. These dispatched the sentry outside the Mansion but were chased round the back by the demon. There they effected an entrance into the hall before the demon could catch them. The main party then came down the path, through the gate and rushed the guardhouse. There they slew a Knight, the trumpeter and two soldiers. Two other soldiers surrendered and were bound and gagged. I anointed the bodies with the water of ERU, may he forgive us for having to kill them for the good of his Church. Sir Helric tarried there whilst we advanced to the Mansion. The thieves opened the door to us from within but I saw a face at a window above. Fearful lest he raise the alarm I invoked Eru's power to deprive him of speech. The face disappeared without any loud noise. The thieves had used their arts to bind and gag three men found sleeping in the hall. Squire Flamen and Sergeant Dublit entered the kitchen and slew three men, who however made a great outcry. The demon meanwhile, was snuffling and croaking, at the window the thieves had used to enter. Though squat it was of a most fearsome aspect. Had it the sense to come round the building it could do us harm. Torni fired a bolt at the demon but it just bounced of its hide. Miss Cordelia found some meat and crumbled two pills into it. This she fed to it through the window. "That'll quiet it!" she said. The Squire and the Sergeant went up the stairs but Hedban, one of the thieves started to force a small chest or casket he had found. I told him our mission was not theft but he just laughed. Then Eru caused his knife to break and he had to desist. There was a trapdoor in the kitchen floor but we guessed it would just lead to a supply cellar. Sir Obedience set Raolin to watch at the front window. "We must guard against interference from the stone masons. Sir Helric rejoined us and went to join the fight we could hear up above. Presently they passed down his Grace the Bishop of Chantilly who had surrendered. He was gagged and his hands tied. Sir Helric called for me from above. There, there were two more dead men but Sir Helric desired me to open the door to the chamber beyond. They had been trying to force it with scant success. I called on Eru's powers and the door burst asunder. Sergeant Dublit meanwhile, had ascended to the top floor and I heard women screaming up there. The room beyond the door was the King's own chamber but it was empty. He had climbed down a rope of sheets to escape round the rear of the Mansion. Sir Helric and Squire Flamen went up to assist Dublit. Looking out of a window to the front, I saw a body fall from the sky with a thump onto the stone flags. I later discovered this was the Witch Queen. She had been using magic to fly away but Raolin shot her down. Then I saw a figure coming from the servant's house across towards the stables. Four more were nervously coming behind. The one fell with a quarrel in him. Then also one of the four and when Sir Obedience and Mikle Then went out the others fled. I heard more fighting below. Two of the kitchen sleepers had got free and sore wounded Raolin. One was slain but the other escaped and went where, I know not. A lady came down on sheets, in front of the kitchen window from the top floor. Torni and Irinie captured her and tied her hands. She was Donna Pattipan and soon after came Princess Maudette, who we also took. She had been wounded in the left arm and gave no resistance. I went downstairs to the kitchen again. The first thing I saw was the casket Hedban had been forcing. It was now open and empty. I then led the two prisoners towards the gateway. As we went we saw that the demon had revived and was messily killing the Familiar Mikle. I then established that the body on the flags was indeed Bettrys and sprinkled some water of Eru on her. Sir Obedience gallantly slew the demon so we could pass and I put the last of the water on Mikle. We then hurried back to the mounts by the quarry, leaving the men to guard the rear. Sir Obedience and the Bishop joined us, carrying the badly wounded Raolin. Then shortly after came Sir Helric with his two followers. We waited another half an hour but the three thieves never appeared so Sir Helric ordered us all to leave. He said that unfortunately the King had perished in the fighting and the sooner we were out of it the better! As you will know Sir Obedience and I safely escorted the three prisoners to your Palace at Valles. May Eru preserve us all!

To Sir Basylt Devisage Royal Constable of Bara.,

May it please you, Both King Reginald and the witch Queen are dead. The Bishop of Chantilly and Maudette, are now both held by the Church. Following information given us by Sir Base I decided to attack at night when all the targets would be there. I set Stefan's two male thieves to deal with the guard at the Mansion and the female one with the nun to tackle the gate guard. They did these tasks successfully. I understand the former beguiled their dupe with a tale of selling erotic drawings. In our approach we tried going through the wood beside the track. Sir Obedience was hoisted in the air by a loop trap and we had to cut him down. Expecting other such devices we kept on the path after that. We then stormed the guardroom killing Sir Stillet Sain, two spearmen and the trumpeter. Two other men surrendered but I finished them when the other parties had left. The thieves were already in the mansion and let Squire Flamen and the others in. They thought they had dealt with all on the ground floor and so went upstairs. They took the Bishop killing two men with him but when I got up, a strong door was blocking the way. I called up the sorceress nun and she cast the door down with her magic. Beyond was the Kings chamber but he had fled out the window at the rear. We then went to the top floor where the Queen should be. Sergeant was Dublit blinded by magic and the women stabbed at him many times. They were unskilled and his jack saved him from any but minor cuts. We could see the Princess climbing out of the window, down some knotted sheets, so we attacked. We killed three women and Flamen wounded Maudette in the arm. The Queen was nowhere to be seen so we went below. Two men whom the thieves had tied up, had got free and wounded Raolin the crossbow familiar. He however had already shot down the Queen, who had been using her magic to fly! The gamekeeper Torni killed one of the escaped captives but the other escaped out of the window. I finished the remaining live captive. This upset Dublit, as it was Bochio the jester. Bad luck to kill a jester said Dublit!  The nun had taken Maudette and also another lady when they came down the sheets. Some servants now came to investigate from their house but one was shot and Sir Obedience chased them off. The famous pet demon appeared and killed the familiar Mikle but Sir Obedience dealt with it. I ordered the nun to take her captives back to the rendezvous. Then I set Sir Obedience and the Bishop to carry Raolin back to there as well whilst the rest of us cleared up. The thieves were busy thieving, which I did not stop as I expected to deal with them later. Alas they disappeared into the night and did not return to the rendezvous. I ascertained that that the Queen was dead and found the King lying with a quarrel in him near the stable. He was still breathing so I finished the job. I then ordered everyone to get back onto the track. The thieves went ahead as Flamen Dublit and I spread out the caltrops we had dumped earlier.

                                Your Obedient Servant

                                                Sir Helric Blaggart


To His Royal Highness Prince Moro Chateaumont. The Citadel Ekthalon

Your Royal Highness I send sorrowful tidings. Your brother King Reginald of Foix is dead, foully murdered. His Queen, Bettrys of Stetia, died likewise. I was put in charge of his Majesty's guard in the village of Naigre by his orders. There is not enough accommodation for all the guard at the Manor. In the small hours of the morning of the sixth day of the Seventh Moon we were awakened by Snood the second Cook with two other servants from the Manor. They said there was fighting and murders going on and Henrin their Master Cook and the Queen, had been killed. I immediately took our full mounted force there. On the way we noticed a still warm campfire by the way. Just past it Sir Alfred de Paniers and Hobilar Lees had their horses step on caltrops. I led some of us forward on foot whilst the rest cleared the road. At the gate lay the sentry dead, stabbed in the back. Just past the gate lay the Queens creature Gentedente and nearby the body of a much mutilated soldier in the garb of the Order of St.Judas. There was a light still on in the guardhouse but all in it were dead. Sir Stillet Stain, a trumpeter and four guards slain. Two of the latter had their hands bound and their throats cut so they may have surrendered first. Next, in front of the servant's house, we found the body of the Queen lying on her side. There was a broken quarrel in her hip but her face, left arm and left leg were all crushed as if by a great weight. The servant's house door was open but it was empty. Just past the Queen lay Henrin the cook, slain indeed, with a quarrel through his throat. I called out loud for those within to show themselves, in the Kings name but there was no response from the manor. A sentry lay beside the dog kennel, at the front door. Like the one at the gate, he had been stabbed from behind. As I made to enter, four figures came from beyond the stable. They were Master Manfred and his stonemasons. They claimed they had only woken on hearing my call. They were appalled to see the bodies lying dead. I suspect some of them may know more than they pretend, so I have them in custody. In the hall was Bochio the Jester with his hands tied and his throat cut and also Auln the Steward. Auln must have fought for there was a sword by his hand. In the kitchen I found Sir Fernandel, Squire Raymond and Sergeant Rondel all dead and the casket of Royal monies empty. Upstairs in the outer chamber lay two servants belonging to the Bishop of Chantilly. At present I know not their names. The Kings room was empty but had been looted. A rope of knotted sheets hung out to the rear so I had hope that His Majesty had escaped. On the attic floor we found four of the Queen's ladies dead and stripped of their jewellery. There a rope of sheets hung out to the front. I went below again and one of my men said he had found the King. He was lying face down with a quarrel in his back and his throat had also been cut. In the stable were all five horses and the stonemason's ass, unscathed. We searched the rest of the grounds and I sent Sir William Bernuy to follow the path to the quarry. His horse soon stepped on a caltrop so we knew they must have gone that way. He set out again on foot with torches, to clear the way and by dawn, had found the miscreant's campsite. They were long gone. We found the Queen's tiara lying in the grass near where she fell but the Kings Crown and most of the royal jewels were gone. In the morning the Stetian priest of Doucer, Renuemorr turned up. He claimed he had been sleeping in the hall, with the Steward and Bochio the Jester. He woke up to find himself gagged and his hands tied. There was fighting in the kitchen but it stopped and the attackers went upstairs. Auln the Steward had got his hands free and released him. Auln went to fight some attackers still in the kitchen but Renuemorr had escaped out the open window at the back. He said that the Queens demon was lying there snoring as he climbed over the wall and ran away. I have put him in custody. One of the cooks said that three Chapmen had called the day before. It had not pleased the King to give them entrance but he said the Queens ladies might have an inclination to see their wares on Startday. These men must be the ones owning the campfire we had seen. I have sent out patrols to find them. We have made a check of all those that we knew were at the Manor and can say that Princess Maudette, the Bishop of Chantilly and the Stetian lady Donna Pattipan have been carried away. I have laid out all the bodies according to their station and will get the Priest of Naigre to bury them all here.

                                                                                                Your Obedient Servant

                                                                                                Peter Wallincourt Knight.       



'Sir Alard turned the corner and there were a score of goblins, black Aughed facing him. Some were carrying heads and booty from the village. His men were yet some distance behind him but he hesitated not. In a flash he clove a brace of goblins in twain with his shining sword, before they could move. Their leader swung an axe at him but he lopped its arm off at the shoulder. The others wailed and some began to run. Full valiantly he cut and thrust among them, leaving a dark body at every blow. Shrieking and gibbering they sped back towards their canoes…..' "I hope you are nearly ready to go to the feast Morgana!" Lady Morgana had been sitting reading, 'Ye deeds of Twelve Doughty Knights of Renown' in her shift. The spell breaking voice was that of her stepmother, Lady Mavys. Reluctantly Morgana put the book down. In truth she knew every word by heart. She wished she could have been a Knight of Renown herself but girls in Foix were denied the opportunity. Her father Sir Daffyd was always spying on the borders, fighting the chaotics but he would not let her help. No, as the eldest and only daughter, it was her duty to marry, to strengthen the family power base. "Hurry milady do!" hissed her maid Cherry. Morgana stood erect, holding her arms up and Cherry threw the shimmering pink silk gown over her head and began to fasten it. Horrendously expensive, shimmering gowns were treated with a magic substance, which made them give a pulsating glow, for a variable length of time. The Churchmen muttered about witchcraft but Queen Bettrys herself, had introduced the fashion from Stetia. The gown secured, Cherry began to put in place her jewellery. Half Stetian, Morgana had some minor magic powers but had had to keep them secret, on pain of becoming a nun, if they were ever discovered. No, she must show herself at court, so some old knight could offer for her hand. It would be her half brother, Squire Arthur, who could go adventuring in the wild places of Morval Earth. Arthur, who she regularly beat nine times out of ten, when they fenced with the heavy wooden practise swords each morning.  Arthur, who she beat ten times out of ten, when they played chess! Tonight again she would sit with the other giggling damsels, peeking at the single knights, placed as far away from them as possible! At least the damsels now gave her some wary respect. They had ever since she blacked Ilse Coviers eye. At twenty-one Morgana was reckoned oldish and Lady Mavys was getting worried. One suitor she had humiliated and the second, a man she had had genuine respect for, had run away with another knight's wife! She had gone off men then but at least her parents had bought her the two rare Unicorns to cheer her up. Harold and Hilda were now at Closin, which she called home, whilst she was stuck up here at Valles, the capital of Foix. "Hurry up Morgana please. Do not be displeasing Lady Mavys again. Remember to purse your mouth small, when the knights can see you." Scolded Cherry. "Only speak when you are spoken too, do not eat or drink too much, cast your eyes down demurely when a man looks at you! I know all the manners the books give!" snarled Morgana looking grimmer by the minute. She little knew that today's murders at Naigre, would start a train of events, that would give her far more perilous adventuring, than she would find enjoyable! Or that her path would be crossed by many of those involved in the Regicide. In fact her own exploits would excel those of all the 'Doughty Knights of Renown'. In four years time, the Minstrels would sing the 'Lay of two Unicorns Morgana', in every castle and manor, from the Cleve to the Sundering Sea!

Click on the Thumbnails for a bigger view.

KWQBettrys2.jpg (58669 bytes) The models are an old Lamming man at arms and two Grenadier (I think) female figures.  The wall is thin plywood covered in "brick paper".  The cobbled area is a different "brick paper" on thin card.  The planked area is made from thin card, planks drawn in ink and then painted.
KWQBettrys3.jpg (49926 bytes) This is a view from a different game.  The walls are now made from strips of wood, painted with emulsion and the pattern drawn on.  The building site is made up of various bits of wood, dowel and left-overs.  The tent is made from painted paper.  The trees are old Merit alder trees.
KWQBettrys4.jpg (57671 bytes) The same game as above.  The huts are card with painted thatched roofs.  The "flower beds" are sawdust and glue mixed and stuck onto thin card.  The well is from the neck of a plastic bottle.  The Manor House is made from embossed plastic card and the leading in the windows from plastic rod. 
KWQBettrys5.jpg (55835 bytes) The figures above and here are from a variety of manufacturers - Games Workshop, Irregular, Lamming, Grenadier amongst others.  The Dovecote is a card roller, the stable and the red roffed hut from embossed card and balsa wood. 
KWQBettrys6.jpg (45811 bytes) The store house is another building made from embossed card.  The doors and windows are either cut into the walls and backed with paper on card buildings or made from thin card and stuck onto the embossed card.  The round hut in the corner is a resin one. 
KWQBettrys7.jpg (62880 bytes) The crane is made from dowelling and strip wood.  It is mounted on a thick card base to give stability.  The altar is made from wood and card.  The shiny brass work came from a Christmas Card and the round "plate" is a fantasy shield.  
KWQBettrys8.jpg (45142 bytes) A general view showing a balsa wood wind mill, carpet tile fields and the painted cereal packet roads.
KWQBettrys9.jpg (51819 bytes) Another view of the main courtyard
KWQBettrys11.jpg (62005 bytes) A view showing how the walls were constructed.
KWQBettrys12.jpg (54435 bytes) The small hay stacks are commercial models from a model railway shop.

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