The Curse of the Green Jarl

On a trip to the coast in Bessie, The Doctor, Jamie, Liz and Jo investigate the mysterious disappearances at the village of Grincliffe.

The village and its small harbour lie just south of the infamous Grinn Spikes.  These rocks have ended the careers of many ships through the ages.  They are even referred to in the Viking Saga, The Green Jarl.  The village celebrates this connection in the names of many of its buildings - The Green Helmet Inn, The Green Man Tea room and so on.

Almost all the buildings are made of card reinforced by balsa wood internal frames where necessary. 

The old manor house and home of the squire who collects all sorts of arcane memorabilia.

The manor is card, the dovecot is resin, the bushes are conifer cones and patterned paper is used for roads and paving.

The SeaGen research station is located near the Spikes.  It is reasonably well guarded.

The station is the Airfix Waterloo Farm, the walls are resin and the "tanks" are small plastic bottles.

The Village is quiet just now, most people are at home or in the Inn having lunch.

 The fishing boat is a tourist item bought on holiday, the launch is resin from Ainsty, the other boats are small plastic toys.  The wharf is made from wood batons .

The Doctor, Jamie, Liz and Jo visit the Manor House.

Bessie is a Corgi toy bought at a car boot sale and discovered later to be from the Dr Who range.  What Luck!  The Doctor, Jamie and Jo are from Harlequin and Liz is from Copplestone.

The ambush!  The Ice Warriors after killing the guards at the entrance to the research station ambush a UNIT patrol. 

The Ice Warriors and UNIT are Harlequin, the guards are Copplestone.  The Austin Champ is an old Dinky Toy.

Almost at the same time as the Ice Warriors attack the Sea Devils emerge from the sea capturing or killing those by the boats.  They destroy the launches to prevent escape.  A small detachment attacks the fishing boat.
Hearing the explosions The Doctor and the squire mobilise the household staff and arm them with shotguns, sporting rifles, swords and antiques.  The Doctor has found enough stuff to make a Projector.  That will cool the Sea Devils enough to render them unconscious.

Figures as before - the squire is Copplestone and the staff are old Games Workshop.

The Ice Warriors (the main attack) eliminate the last of the guards and surround the laboratory building.
The Brigadier arrives with much needed reinforcements while the Ice Warriors send their scout ship into action to destroy the helicopter.  Slim, The Ice Warrior Leader looks quietly confident.  The Sea Devil diversion is drawing off all of the Earthmen and The Doctor.

The Helicopter is cheap toy (it looks it!), the yellow Rolls Royce is from Lledo, the Scout ship is a pen container painted silver and black. 

In the Village the Sea Devils continue to round up prisoners. 

The figures are as before with the addition of Pulp Figures nurse and wheelchair.

The Doctor and The Brigadier devote their attention to rescuing the villagers as the Sea Devils drive them towards the sea.  They are slow and very reluctant.
At the research station the Ice Warriors capture the scientists and reveal their secret mission.  One of the scientists is in league with them and had prepared a weapon that will change the climate, cooling it enough to make it a suitable home for them.  The Sea Devil player is shocked by this as it will exterminate his forces while only damaging the humans.
The Ice Warrior Scout ship attacks the UNIT force to slow it down while the weapon is prepared.

The APC is an old Dinky Toy Saracen.  The road and river are made from thin card.

The Bazooka scores a lucky hit and the Scout Ship is destroyed.
As the game ends, the Sea Devils withdraw, the Ice Warriors initiate their Climate Weapon.  The Doctor and UNIT have failed!  At least in this episode!

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