These pictures were taken during our trial games to give you  a flavour of the games.  Each time we've played this we've not managed a break!

General view of the Pyramid of Peril

"Cap'n that be a strange crow, belike!"

"Aye Matey, it be a dragon."

"Poor Deadeye, that pygmy spear went straight through his heart."

"Arrrh take gare Me Hearties, the jungle be full of traps,  quicksand an dragons."

"Cap'n, Look ee!  There's a trap ..."

"Them dragons are a'comin' again!"

Inside the pyramid the giant spiders attack.

The carnage caused by giant spiders and zombie pirates!

The secret weapon!  THUNK!

"Dragons, Fasands of 'em!"

"All is quiet again."

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