"I Stregone"

The game

is_02_scene2.jpg (58031 bytes) A general scene of the terrain.  It is similar to that in the Hard March and a description of what we used to make the stuff is also there. The main differences being the removal of the pine wood, the ruins and the wall.  They were replaced by items of a more Colonial feel - rocks, bushes, thickets and so on.
is_03_convoy.jpg (56023 bytes) The Martians leave the cave.  A vast column moves slowly forward until it reaches the ford.  The Martian figures are from the  Parroom Station and they available from The London War RoomThe bearers are from Foundry's Darkest Africa Range and the wagons are converted from Lledo Beer Delivery Wagons picked up at sales and shows.
is_05_ambush1.jpg (55469 bytes) Tenente Pietro Cemicale's Penne de Falco platoon opens up from their sangar with an effective long range volley felling the Captain of the Escort Joosta Wooncornettoah, killing the leading scout, wounding another and a lancer.  The column halts in confusion while the Penne de Falco pour in more fire inflicting more casualties.  The Troopers are converted Falcon UK figures Italian Askaris.
is_07_crocs.jpg (56874 bytes) The column is in trouble!  The blood from the casualties attracts the attention of five hungry crocodiles.  Two of the Martian Infantry and a slave are carried off into the depths of the river.  Before they make off with their prey Sword Captain Zdrooburi Peestaasyo kills one.  The crocodiles are plastic toys from a supermarket.
is_06_ambush2.jpg (56987 bytes) At the same time the Penne de Falco withdraw to the second position and as the the Count breaths a sigh of relief the Capitano opens up on the rear of the column killing three guards.  The column struggles on under harassing fire.
is_s1_amb2.jpg (82211 bytes) The rear is still hotly engaged.  More Martians infantry fall as they try to rush the Italian lancers.  They inflict only one casualty in return.  The Soto Tenente Notso Inteligentsi is seriously wounded.
is_09_redeploy.jpg (57696 bytes) Having achieved his aim the Capitano Lotza Guzzi orders the withdrawal just as he is wounded.  More Martians fall and their attack spends itself in empty positions.  The lancers withdraw over the river giving a wide berth to the hippos by the stream junction.  The Martian Engineer left in the cave blew up the entrance and was chased all the way up the road by a playful lioness.  The lioness was from the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company who make a wide range of African animals as do The London War Room.
is_11_bridge.jpg (57508 bytes) At the second position the stone bridge - The Pride of Italian Morvalistan is blown up.  The column is stopped in its tracks.  The wagons cannot cross the river and the engineers are called for to break up one of them and build a bridge.  The explosion is sheep's wool picked up on a hill walk from a barbed wire fence (and washed).  The secondary explosions are fabric and tinsel balls sold in craft shops.  The bridge is an old Bellona model.
is_12_columnhead.jpg (57966 bytes) Another view of the bridge blowing up.  The secondary explosions can be seen.  The hippos in the reed beds move away from the noise.  But the column is halted again. 
is_13_elephants.jpg (57480 bytes) Two elephants watch the Martians as the smoke and debris disappear. The elephant on the left is a plastic toy and the one on the right a cheap resin ornament.  The ruined bridge is an old Bellona model.
is_14_ambush3.jpg (57682 bytes) The column comes under rifle fire.  Two lancers fall and the princess withdraws.  The Italians pour such a hail of fire that the engineers are driven back and the driver of the leading wagon is killed as both his horses are wounded.
is_15_count.jpg (56543 bytes) Count Maalikaa Eeskrim rushes forward with reinforcements.  The odd arrow wings its way out of the thicket.  These are more annoying than dangerous.  The count is a conversion.
is_16_smoke.jpg (58136 bytes) The Martians reveal their secret weapon.  The Cephalid, Freejfreeza, in the leading wagon fires the smoke projector.  It creates a covering screen and flows towards the Sergente and the trooper on the hill.  The Martian engineers swarm forward again.
is_17_smoke2.jpg (56969 bytes) The evil of the cloud is revealed!  It is a narcotic and the gallant Italian and his trooper are driven off in a fit of nausea.  The others continue with harassing fire but this new evil has unnerved them.
is_18_holding.jpg (57583 bytes) The battle in the pass builds up.  smoke is projected in great gouts as the engineers build the bridge.  All the while both sides ate taking casualties.  The Martians just cannot make a bridgehead over the river.  However, the drain on Italian manpower is such that the gallant Capitano is forced to withdraw the remnants of his force when only one is left unwounded.  The wounded Sergiente led the way out carrying the Italian colours.
is_19_colnend.jpg (57252 bytes) The column, much depleted in strength, eventually managed to cross the river but arrived much too late to be lifted to safety.  Their rescue ship had gone.     

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