"I Stregone"

Freejfreeza, Overlord of Wol Ziskrim

For three passages of the Moon you have been digging out the Mylaakrimm crystals from the caves.  You have maintained absolute secrecy with a ruthless policy of elimination of all who approach.  You have found that the local sentient beings, Oomans if you remember your briefing, are not unlike your warriors in form and are equally repulsive.  From no great distance they are almost indistinguishable.  They suffer from their smaller lung capacity and are feeble by comparison.  They are totally lacking in the rich colours of the Martian skin and not one of the males has the ear crests of the Martian warrior giving them a most feminine appearance. 

It is now time to evacuate the mine and get to the landing site.  The ether craft will return there tonight.  It is not far but secrecy must be maintained to the last.  You intend to seal the cave by setting off the fuel in your disabled walker (hidden inside).  You will need to leave behind at least one artificer to do this.

Your two scouts have proved invaluable in hunting down any intruders.  None of your warriors can speak the local language but Minzzaa Maagnoom has mastered the difficult tongue. 

The damp weather of the region has affected your guns making them less powerful than they are at home.  Added to this is the increased amount of cleaning needed to keep them in action.  After a mere 4 rounds the accuracy falls away unless the weapon is cleaned.  Your swords and lances are not affected at all!

Sunstroke:  The strong sun of this planet affects your skin.  After a short exposure (4 turns cumulative) dice each turn on the mystic dice for effect.  Just after arrival you had to recover for three days.  So you have chosen to make the most of the coming night.  You will ride in a wagon until nightfall.

Secret Weapon:  You have removed the smoke projector from your disabled walker.  You have found that the smoke is not very effective at screening in the heavier Earth air but it has a narcotic effect on the Oomans.   It seems to render them helpless after a short while.  A product of their weak lungs, no doubt.  The projector creates a screen 9 long and 4 wide at the far end.  It moves like a normal smoke cloud.  It has no harmful effect on Martians but renders Humans and horses unconscious.  It has a strike of 4.  A wound = drowsy & nauseous 2 off fighting, shooting and morale, -2 move.  A cripple = unconscious d6 turns and Dead = comatose.   The first time you use it - it will work, then next fails on a 1, then a 1-2 etc.  Once it fails it is useless.

You are to escape from the mountains with the crystals, the smoke projector and a sample of Oomans for study.  (After all you have found them quite suitable as a food source.) In addition you must seal the cave to prevent the Oomans getting access to the crystals and the technology of your walker.  This will be noisy and attract attention so you want the sealing to take place after you are clear of the ford.  It would be advisable not to leave any Martian bodies behind. 

Your soldiers have requested that they be allowed to wash in the free water of the river.  It is a religious observance for them.  Their home lands lack free water outside the canals.

You have

Freejfreeza smoke projector.

Count Maalikaa Eeskrim pistol, sword.

Priest Raazbarri Reepool no weapons but healer.and +2 morale to any unit he is with

Princess Chokeese Foormiah dagger.

Maid Minzzaa Maagnoom dagger

Captain of Escort Joostaa Wooncornettoah pistol, sword + Sergeant + 6 troopers rifle, sword, lance.

Captain of the White Meentaand Chokoolaat sword and pistol + Sergeant + 10 soldiers Rifle and bayonet

Captain of the Yellow Leemin Soorbeet sword and pistol + Sergeant + 10 Soldiers - Rifle and bayonet

Captain of Swords Zdrooburi Peestaasyo sword & pistol + 10 swordsmen sword & dagger

Captain of Artificers Vaaneelah Chokasheep sword

4 Drivers & 2 Artificers - dagger 4 earth wagons. 

The wagons may move at up to 5 on the road and 3 cross-country.

58 porters and women.  They must be escorted.  One escort is needed for each 6 males or 8 females.

It is 9 turns to darkness

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