The Morval Earth Trilogy

Some pictures of the original games featured in The Adventures of Morgana 1.  "EXILED" in progress.  

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Morgana01d.jpg (41563 bytes) Sregafume Priory.  Whilst Morgana waits for her gown to stop glowing, Hrolf, Sir Richard and Minut investigate the forbidden courtyard.
Morgana02a.jpg (56370 bytes) Charles City.  Morgana, in disguise and with three others finds the Omardi Bank in Cabbage Lane.
Morgana04c.jpg (47989 bytes) Sincelle Village. As hostile villagers assemble, Morgana has to fight the Cog's Captain who is refusing to hire out his vessel.
Morgana06b.jpg (54095 bytes) Lozana Mansion.  As Paez, Hrolf and Bergand stand petrified, Morgana rushes to attack the giant snake!
Morgana03a.jpg (48351 bytes) Lozana Mansion.  Morgana fights the demon, Testronitz.
Morgana06d.jpg (50964 bytes) The last stand of the Lefey's?

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