Morval Earth 

An Extract from the Adventures of Morgana

Lady Morgana knelt down on the carpet laid on the ground. This was such a shock, she had had no inkling! She had not expected the Peron himself to appear with so many people. Then suddenly she remembered Taglier's properties. There were great advantages to using her brother Arthur's magic sword, but it did have its problems. She remembered Sister Inegal, silly woman, she should not have tried to escape! Truly she had tried to stun her with the flat of the blade but what a messy way to die, sliced from neck to waist! Then there were the two chickens she had tried to shoo away, with Taglier. Cherry had casseroled their severed remains. “Give me your sword,” had said her Uncle and she had done so without thinking. Now there were now so many eyes and ears monitoring her every move she felt a great reluctance to speak! Peron Quixano then proudly bent down to dub her a Dame. As he did so, he felt the sword turn in his hand…..

 A Trilogy "The Adventures of Morgana" was published in May 2002.  Horg! the second volume is due for release in the spring of 2004.  The author is John Mumford, better known as Slim, who was the Umpire, or Games Master if you prefer, of a campaign that grew.  It follows the adventures on Morgana Lefey all of which were acted out on John's 8 foot by 6 foot table.  

Many people played out various roles during the years that the campaign lasted.  All the characters are miniature model soldiers in John's huge collection.  This site will show some of them.  

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