Damsels in Distress

Our public participation game has been played out in a number of shows and with a great variety of players.  Each game has turned out different and Morgana has been killed in a few.  

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If I've made a mistake with your name or missed it out please send it to me with a description of which picture it should be with and I'll change it.  info@morvalearth.co.uk 

GL_Min_01.jpg (54958 bytes) A couple of Veterans.

Slim Mumford the author of the trilogy is the one on the right.

GL_Min_02.jpg (29930 bytes) "That' not quite what I had planned!"
GL_Min_04.jpg (53644 bytes) A quick check on some data before we go in to Minbec. GL_Min_05.jpg (53038 bytes) Slim plays out the first party to get to the gates on Minbec.
GL_Min_07.jpg (53376 bytes) The parley at the gate. GL_Min_08.jpg (53676 bytes) "How did that happen?"
GL_Min_09.jpg (52849 bytes) Andrew concentrates on the action. Edi_Min_01.jpg (53034 bytes) "Hey, this is easier that I thought!" says Leo (125 points)
Edi_Min_02.jpg (53665 bytes) Brian briefs two hardy adventurers, Andrew (25 points) and David (105 points). Edi_Min_03.jpg (50964 bytes) Flora (as Lady Morgana) takes charge.  
Edi_Min_04.jpg (52467 bytes) Lady Morgana (200 points) and her Mum (Diane) decide the next move. Edi_Min_05.jpg (54217 bytes) Alan, Hugh (200 points) and Ellis (100 points) make their plans.
Edi_Min_08.jpg (53800 bytes) Claire (125 points) checks the play sheets while Iona (200 points) looks for inspiration. Edi_Min_09.jpg (47682 bytes) Two of the doughty champions, Alex (200 points) and David (250 points).

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