A Brief History of Morval Earth

The Maghi

 It is generally accepted that the overall Deity Arragh created Morval Earth and all other lands. He set up the sun and moon and gave the year thirteen Moons each of twenty-eight days The continent he peopled with his normal mix of humans, elves, dwarves, and goblins as found in many other places. To Morval Earth he gave magic properties to the elements of earth, water, fire and above all the air. Then to control these magics, he appointed two groups of powerful beings known as the Maghi. One group, the Lawotte, he set at Valhoth, amongst the elves in the Southeast and the other, the Kaodici, at Hadol Guldur in the land of the goblins in the Northwest.  

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In time these Maghi met and there were some unions between them. Eventually they quarrelled and started a conflict that has continued ever since. In time some of both sides, led by Baphomet declared themselves neutral in conflict as they felt their personal ends were better served in that manner. In the times of which we speak fully half the Maghi are Neutral, whilst Hagoth leads the Chaotics and Valarian the Lawics.

In brief the Chaotic creed decrees might is right and the Lawic creed is do to others as you hope they will do to you. The Maghi have offspring called demons in the case of the Chaotics and fatae or angels in the case of the Lawics and Neutrals. The Maghi and many of their offspring have the facility to transfer from Flache to Flache.

The known Flaches are of the Earth, the Ghost (where they can be seen) the Spying (where they cannot) and the Otherworld where the dead souls go. The Maghi soon had influence enough on the inhabitants of Morval Earth, to be worshipped and various priesthoods were formed. Hagoth decreed Eternal War, Aishagh, until every supporter of the Lawic creed was killed or enslaved. When all out war was not possible, his followers were instructed to devote their efforts to Bellagh, the policy of corrupting and weakening the opposition. The Maghi would give their favoured devotees magic powers provided their brain was receptive to them. It was found that bestowing magic powers on a person, could result in his or her descendants also having them. Even so the numbers of magicians never totalled more than a very small percentage of the population and their powers were weak in relation to the Maghi. Thus the peoples of Morval Earth were roused to war with one another for many centuries.

The Peoples of Morval Earth

As has been mentioned the Elves occupied the countries of the Southeast and still do but once they held a great Kingdom in Belmain. The many breeds and hues of goblins inhabited the Northwest, favouring the mountainous areas. The dwarves are split into two Kingdoms, Varadh and the breakaway colony of Neradh. Men spread nearly everywhere else speckled with other oddities such as the trolls and the dimini. Many a change has taken place over the centuries.

In a time of legends the Chaotics were defeated in a great battle at the Cleve, where the River Arwyn passes through the mountains. From this victory the Lawics were able to claim all central Morval earth and States as far West as Ogrimor and Omgano. It did not last. As the tide turned against them most of the Omgano people fled East, eventually settling around the mouth of the River Arwyn in what is now Fara and Elysia. Over three hundred years after the Cleve the Chaotics were again threatening central Morval Earth and won a great victory at Talarth Narnienor near the Nymph Water. After three days of battle the bulk of the Lawic army was slain. So many that their bereaved womenfolk were forced to become Amazons sheltering in the Thalian forest, where they have held out ever since. All Loriador, the central plain of Morval Earth fell, eventually including the great Elf Kingdom of Belmain. Typically the gloomy Elves use Talarth Narnienor as the primary date of the present age. (ATN = After Talarth Narnienor) The chaotics drove the Elves out of Narchad and began their great left thrust in the North circling around into the grasslands of Edorad.

In ATN 238 the Magha Lilith created a new sickness, the Green Plague, to use against the Lawics. To everyone's consternation it got out of hand, infecting Lawic, Chaotic and Neutral alike. Nearly 80% of the population died and the people were no longer interested in fighting.  The next three hundred years were called the 'lean times', as hand to mouth survival was the order of the day.  In ATN 381 a few boatloads of Aughed goblins arrived from across the sundering sea. Hagoth incorporated them into his forces and sets up breeding colonies and training camps in Gashad. He also delegated control of his armies to the Chaotic High Command at the fortress of Gashad Dur.

Count Elys, in ATN 506, brought the first of the Edin speaking peoples from across the Sundering Sea. He founded the state of Elysia with such a strict highly moral code, that later settlers, mainly the Thentii, move further inland. These incomers were lead by well-armoured knights who proved to be almost invincible in the open field. Slowly they swamped the indigenous people, the Franks and the Barii, north of the Arwyn. These Edin newcomers had little magic; some say none! Hence they feared and detested that of the original peoples. Their own Maghi were left back over the sea, so they worshipped Arragh under the Edin name of Eru.

The wars continued and in the West settlers also arrived from across the Khanish Sea. These drove out the Undo natives to claim Jedon, Zythay and Khmeron. Later some of their peoples, drafted into the Chaotic armies settled in Hunara. The Chaotic High Command raised recruits in all the Chaotic states for the armies. Those in Narchad were normally penned in the forest and in the grasslands. In the latter were the brief Chaotic Empire of Khargon and the fluctuating fortunes of Elysia. Elysia's strict code of Supher was warped into a caste system that much better fitted the Chaotic Creed. Despite being invaded several times by the Lawics Elysia became a perennial Chaotic state. The Thentii people eventually founded the Kingdom of Foix with its capital at Valles. This also become the seat of the Monseigneur the head of the Church of Eru.

Recent History Relevant to the Adventures of Morgana, (706ATN)

Many are the notable exploits recorded in the great Libraries of Crogh and Faralon. In 597 the Elysian Witch Mirziam cursed Isuelt, Grand Duchess Consort of Fara, with a sore affliction. This relatively insignificant event, had ramifications still evolving. Mirziam, Lady Vatheck founded a vice and blackmailing network based in Sumeer the second city of Elysia. She made or had made certain palantyte spying devices to aid her work. In 617 Sir Gram Lefey, Morgana's ancestor captured some of these devices and enough treasure to buy the family estates, when Sumeer was sacked.  

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The Church of Eru had many learned disputes within its ranks principally between the Divine Interventionists and the Benign Observationists. Church members were banned from marrying and it was decreed that only Church members could perform magic. Following the heresies of Bishopess Barbara (she claimed Eru was female) women were denied full priesthood. The Orders of St. Simon, St. Frederick, St.Lucrecia, St.Joan, St. Fabiola, St.Dogma and St. Judas were created, covering various aspects of the Church. The order of St.Judas has the duties of enforcing Church law within the area where it has a monopoly position and for establishing its influence elsewhere.

In 648ATN a Grand Lawic Alliance is formed, at Zarza Tanque in Oblivia. It collapsed when King Balshazar of Azelad was murdered there, at a victory feast six years later. However, it was the root cause of the conflict between the States of the East and the Chaotics ever since. In 650, David III, at the age of four, ascended the throne of Foix. Under him Foix reaches the peak of its power. His son Reginald, however married a widow Donna Bettrys Feretro from Stetia against the advice of the Monseigneur. A devotee of the Magho Doucer, she had magic powers as did her daughter Maudette. In Stetia, the entire Royal family is poisoned in 663. They set up their Juanta system of elected government, led by a Mirador and three Perons with short terms of office.

In 681ATN Lady Morgana Lefey was born of a Stetian mother, Berenezia, at Closin in the Royal Province of Bara. It was a time when the Chaotics from Narchad, carried out many raids and Berenezia was carried off. Morgana's father Sir Daffyd, then married Lady Mavys Decret who bore him a son and heir, Arthur. On the death of David III, Reginald ascended the throne and the witch Bettrys became Queen. She affronted the Church of Eru by introducing the fashion for magically shimmering gowns. Under Reginald the raids from Narchad were curtailed. In the Eastern plains, the armies of the Lawic Alliance gradually got the upper hand once more. Led by Prince Eudes, nephew of the King, they achieved a mighty victory at Lungstrete in Hamora. The Chaotic army was destroyed and Hamora, Hunara, Elysia had to sue for peace as their fortresses are taken one by one.

Alas, before the Foixian army could return to Valles to celebrate, King Reginald and his Queen Bettrys, were murdered at Naigre Manor. Princess Maudette was taken prisoner. Thus a power struggle developed with Perigord and Bara setting themselves up as independent Grand Duchies. Reginald's brother Moro, retaining the rest of the Kingdom, had himself crowned King of Thentis with his capital at Ekthalon. Two year later, he, his Queen Ernestine and half his court, died when their well became polluted.

Prince Eudes has succeeded as King of Thentis. Since a curse laid on him in Hunara declares he will die on his wedding day, he remains single. Militarily Thentis and the Chaotic Kingdom of Belmain are the strongest powers in Eastern Morval Earth. Many of the other states are still sparsely populated.

In early 706ATN, the Consigliore Kralja, at a parley near Sumeer, murdered Morgana's father Sir Daffyd. His brothers, Sir Phanuel, Dean Lothrop and Sir Congal then conspired to murder the heir Arthur and consign Morgana to a nunnery. Unknown to them Lady Morgana is a skilled swordswoman and obtains Arthur's magic sword. This resulted in the 'Lay of two unicorns Morgana', sung in every castle and city from the Cleve to the Sundering sea.

For modern readers a prose translation, corrected of its many exaggerations will soon be published as 'The Adventures of Morgana'. The first of its three volumes 'Exiled' should be published in early 2002 AD.    

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