The Kine are Mine!

The Second Medieval Fantasy Adventure Module

Suitable for many sets of rules apart from Morval Earth. Ideally for a Games Master & three or four players.  Plays equally well with Border Reivers or Maasai raiders.

14th 9th Moon 706ATN  


This scenario takes place between the Count of Horg's forces and those of the Makgh.  It is a cattle raid where speed and decision making are of as great importance as the ability to fight and destroy.  The players on both sides are faced with the problems of balancing risks and gains.

Have fun!

Enjoy - we did!  So much so that we played it out several times in different guises.

 You can find our game report here 

If you are to be a player - Read no further!

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 The Adventures of Morgana 'Exiled' will be published as a novel in 2002.

The Morval Earth Simple Abridged Fantasy Rules can be downloaded from this website click here.

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